Why Should Facebook & Youtube Banned In Muslim World

Checked the true terrorists who have tried to destroy the world peace through sketches of MUHAMMAD, MUHAMMAD said: Respect the religions and religious beliefs of others. lest they also respect yours.

the above quoted of MUHAMMAD reflects high values which ensured world peace after great Islamic revolution brought by MUHAMMAD in the shortest time. Lately in the book of “hundred great people” written by a Christian, the name MUHAMMAD manifests at the top most in ranking, as the most ever person who influenced the world at large scale in entire human history.

In contrast to the character of MUHAMMAD, few characterless people are trying to spit on sun that will surely fall their own faces.

MUHAMMAD ensured and confirmed the world peace to its perfection, among different religions by respecting other religions, but on the other hand, the flag holders of world peace are keeping quite on the attempt which leads to the destruction of peace.

The sketches of  MUHAMMAD is criminal effort through which there may be disorder, destruction and even alarming for human life, sketch competition on facebook and youtube has surely hurt all the Muslims and few may stand with their lives and soul against it.

We demand that FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE must be permanently baned and the organizers of sketch competition punished for being the root cause of destruction of peace and human life, they are the terrorists in true sense. They are causing and producing terrorists.

Who would then be blamed if there is destruction of life and peace? if a terrorist plant a bomb somewhere, and is caught before the blast, will he not be a true terrorist? Surely he is. In the same way,  sketch competition organizers must also be caught and Checked.

Thank you.

by: Prof. Muhammad Usman

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    These should be banned in the entire Muslim world. The non-Muslim world KNOWS THAT THE MUSLIMS GET OFFENDED BY THESE THINGS. We Muslims also detest the images/caricatures of any of the Prophets (peace be upon them).

    These sites have been banned in Pakistan on the court orders.

    We pray to the Almighy Allah to show the right path to the people who, knowing it to be such, are playing dirty with the Muslim world.

    If these sites are banned by the entire Muslim world, at least the world would hopefully realize after seeing the results.

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    if you respect the any person or religion of leader. then people will also respect you, and if you will use the respectability words for him leader. then automatically people will react. so in face book and u tube has use the cheapest way. so that its should be banned till they apologize. we love Islam and our prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PBUH). THEY LIVE IN OUR HEART AND THEY R OUR SOUL. AND DUE TO THAT LOVE PEOPLE CAN GIVE HIM SACRIFICE WITH IN A SECOND. BCS OUR RELIGION HAS TEACH US DUE TO UR DEATH. YOU WILL CALLED (SHAHEED)..

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      Well bro, no one is taking away others freedom, I would suggest you to have an other look on this article and you’ll find the answer of your question hopefully..

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    That’s right the site are making Muslims more distracted than others in the world.They should give restriction to the causes and make a healthy and good network for all

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