35+ Best Various Hotel & Restaurant Menu Designs


Here is our collection of Best Restaurant Menu Designs. No matter what sort of Restaurant menu you are working on, or how huge its menu is, you just need to have a look on the list that we just provided below “Restaurant menu templateschoose that you like most and then use your skills to create your own master piece for your client satisfaction. You can also use these templates in different choices like posters, brochures and all kind of other menus. Hope these templates will fulfill your design requirements regarding that typical task, get inspired!

Casper Cafe Menu

Cafe menu template

Restaurant Menu

This menu design reflects the elegant interiors and decor of the carvery and quality ingredients.

menu designs

Menu for Restaurant

An amazingly elegant menu design worth checking out!


Menu Design

menu designs

Enginar Restaurant Menu


Flyer Menu



Menu design

Restaurant menu


Table top menu


Print Ready Restaurant Menu Designs

Elegance Restaurant Menu

Modern elegance menu template for hotels or restaurants etc. Easy to change text, images and document guide included as well.


Restaurant Menu

12 pages brochure Restaurant menu. This brochure is made for any restaurant business and includes 5 submenus: Drink, Sandwich, Soup & pasta, Lunch and Desert menu. You can easily change and fit to your business specification.

Menu template

Trifold Simple Restaurant Menu

This simple and modern style Trifold Restaurant Menu Template, can be used for Restaurant, Cafe, Fast Food, etc. Very easy to edit text and color.


Cafe, Coffee Shop / Restaurant Menu

Elegant and Modern InDesign coffee shop menu template. This template is perfect for any restaurant or cafe that is looking for an easy to use design for their table top menus. The design doesn’t compromise on style and is a simple four panel design, with the centre spread dedicated to the menu items. The design is very easy to use, with all paragraph styles setup, simply insert your own menu text and images.


Modern Restaurant Menu Set

Modern Restaurant Menu Set is a complete menu package for any restaurant, bar, or lounge.

Bar Menu

Pizza Restaurant Menu Flyer

A great design for a pizza place or Italian restaurant, you can use this flyer to advertise your business and promote your menu items with style. It can be easily personalized with your own information, prices, pictures, etc.


Pizza / Restaurant Menu


Vegetarian Restaurant Food Menu

For vegan restaurants or restaurants with separate vegetarian menu. Can also be used for farm food or other organic and natural food serving restaurants with only small modifications.


Modern Restaurant Menu Template


Restaurant Menu Template

This is a simple, clean and elegant Indesign restaurant menu template suitable for food & beverage related business.


Seafood Restaurant Menu Flyer

This is a beautiful food menu design for a Seafood Restaurant! You can use this flyer to advertise your business and promote your menu items with style. This flyer can be easily personalized with your own information, prices, pictures, etc.


Restaurant Menu A4

A retro concept for your restaurant. You can use it for an individual menu or merge it for one identity bundle. You can duplicate or combine it anyway you want it to be.


Modern Vintage Restaurant Menu Templates


Restaurant Menu Design


Restaurant Menu (Classic)

Restaurant Menu Classic is an extremely versatile. It contains a natural/earth color tones version and a slate/gray version.


Cafe Restaurant Menu


Trifold Restaurant Menu

This PSD template is perfectly Suitable for Restaurant, Catering, Cafeteria etc. Easy to edit font, text, color, fully adobe Photoshop format.

Menu template

Restaurant Menu template with photos included


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