WordPress is very powerful and easy to use. We have been searching for some of the best free WordPress plugins and widgets available on the web, and finally compiled them into 50+ Best Free WordPress plugins and widgets, Hope you are not too far away to your desired destiny, go ahead and prove yourself that you can perform much better now with these magical effects…

Theme Authenticity Checker

TAC stands for Theme Authenticity Checker. Currently, TAC searches the source files of every installed theme for signs of malicious code. If such code is found, TAC displays the path to the theme file, the line number, and a small snippet of the suspect code. As of v1.3 TAC also searches for and displays static links

List category posts WordPress Plugin

List Category Posts is a simple WordPress plugin which allows you to list posts from a category into a post/page using the catlist shortcode. This shortcode accepts a category name or id, the order in which you want the posts to display, and the number of posts to display. You can use catlist as many times as needed with different arguments. Great to use WordPress as a CMS, and create pages with several categories posts

WP-Backlinks WordPress Plugin

I am glad to announce that I will be releasing my backlinks plugin I have been working on. It is a beta release as of July 25th 2007. I have a lot I want to add to this plugin but It seems to be pretty stable.I just need to get it out there and get some bug reports back from everyone. I hope this plugin makes it easy for you to gain backlinks and get your weblog as popular as it should be.

Community News Plugin

Many blogs out there can only produce a couple articles a week while their visitors ask for loads more. It’s sometimes a good idea to add related articles from other blogs to your sidebar. Adding them manually takes lots of time we don’t have. With this new Community News plugin you allow your visitors to add articles to the sidebar. Complete with moderation panel and a settings page, you can sit back while you have full control about the look and articles that being posted.

Drag To Share

“Drag to share” is the newest trend in social sharing. Just drag an image and drop it into any social website to share the whole page in real time. This plugin is basically a similar effect release by and used by big players like Mashable.

Expanding Text Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to create sections of text in your post or page which expand/collapse when clicked on. You simply wrap the special tags around your text, and set the ‘expand link’ (the link visitors click on to show the text). If your visitors do not have javascript enabled, the ‘expand link’ is not shown, and the text is displayed normally.

Google Sitemap Generator

This plugin creates a sitemap for your WordPress powered site. This is not just another XML sitemap plugin, but rather a true sitemap generator which is highly customizable from its own options page in the WordPress admin panel. Some of its features include: support for multi-level categories and pages, category/page exclusion, multiple-page generation with navigation, permalink support, choose what to display, what order to list items in, show comment counts and/or post dates, and much more. To see this plugin in action, visit my sitemap page.


Adds the “paginator3000″ paging navigation to your WordPress blog. “paginator3000″ is a pagination technique based on the idea of scrolling.

Gravatar Recent Comments

Today, I just passed by an article talking about MyBlogLog and basically, they are giving some reasons I totally agree with for not using the system.

In fact I used to use that service, but it’s a complete waste of space on your website, and most of the people displayed in there are not leaving comments anyway.

In this article, the author suggest the use of a plugin displaying top commenters or last commenters not only using their names, but also via gravatar service.

So, here is the plugin, he got the idea and I made it :)

Here is the list of features :

* Display whether Last commenters or top commenters
* Display user name (or not, via options)
* Display link to user’s website (or not, via options)
* Default gravatar
* Gravatar size

Custom Login Page

With the Custom Login Page, you can change the background image of your login page, the background image/colo of your login form div, the main logo image of your login page, and add custom CSS. All through a simple interface. Remember to view the Help tab at the top of the settings page for the plugin.

Custom Coming Soon Page

Custom Coming Soon Pages WordPress Plugin allows you to display a Customized Coming Soon Page or Under Construction page to normal visitors or regular members of your WordPress based website or Blog – while the Site Administrators see the fully functional website with the applied theme and active plugins as well as a fully functional Dashboard.

Ultimate Tag Warrior

Ultimate Tag Warrior is a multi-headed hydra of a plugin. It allows you to add tags either through the Write Post page in wordpress in a tag box, on posts using an AJAXy box, and in posts using special syntax from external editors (or internally, if you’d like). From the write post page, you can also get suggestions for tags using the Yahoo! keyword suggestion service.Once you’ve got your tags entered; you enter a realm of interesting ways of doing things with your tags. At the complicated end, AJAXy search is included with the download (it may need some customisation to match your theme). At the simpler end, you can automagically have tags included at the top and bottom of your posts without making changes to themes.


MyReviewPlugin is a powerful review engine plugin for WordPress sites; armed with this plugin, anyone can add a powerful and profitable ratings management system to their site in minutes. Whether you’d like to create independent review sites, build appealing affiliate sites or simply add ratings to your existing WordPress site, MyReviewPlugin is up to the task.


Like a normal text widget this allows you to easily post text and HTML, but now you can execute PHP too! This makes merging with other themes easier.

SEO Slugs

SEO Slugs plugin strips common words like “what”, “you” or “can” out of your post slug to make it more search engine friendly. With SEO Slugs plugin activated, the slug for our example blog post would look like this:


The slug is generated on saving a post (so you get a chance to look at it before publishing, and change it), or on publish. It won’t overwrite an existing slug. You can force a new slug generation by deleting the existing one.

WP Show IDs for WordPress®

Simple, yet elegant. Shows IDs for Posts, Pages, Media, Links, Categories, Tags, and Users in the admin tables for easy access. Very lightweight. Also supports Custom Post Types / Taxonomies.

My WordPress Secure

This is not complicated: It removes the WordPress version from the source page and error messages on login screen. More information? See screenshots.

All in One SEO Pack

Most popular and most widely used SEO plugin for WordPress that lets you create titles and meta keywords and descriptions for each post/page

Some features:

  • Support for Custom Post Types
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • Fine tune Page Navigational Links
  • Built-in API so other plugins/themes can access and extend functionality
  • ONLY plugin to provide SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites
  • Nonce Security
  • Support for CMS-style WordPress installations
  • Automatically optimizes your titles for search engines
  • Generates META tags automatically
  • Avoids the typical duplicate content found on WordPress blogs
  • For beginners, you don’t even have to look at the options, it works out-of-the-box. Just install.
  • For advanced users, you can fine-tune everything
  • You can override any title and set any META description and any META keywords you want.
  • Backward-Compatibility with many other plugins, like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior and others.

SEO Tag Cloud Widget

the tag cloud in a SEO-friendly way, using html markup.

Platinum SEO Pack

Optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).

WP SEO Master

WordPress SEO Master is a free search engine optimization plugin that will help you optimize your WordPress site for the search engines.

SEO Title Tag

Title tags are arguably the most important of the on-page factors for search engine optimization (“SEO”). It blows my mind how post titles are also used as title tags by WordPress, considering that post titles should be catchy, pithy, and short-and-sweet; whereas title tags should incorporate synonyms and alternate phrases to capture additional search visibility.

SEO Friendly Images

SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress optimization plugin which automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes. If your images do not have ALT and TITLE already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according the options you set. Additionally this makes the post W3C/xHTML valid as well.

Envato Marketplace Items

The Envato Marketplace Items plugin retrieves items from an Envato Marketplace and API set of your choice, then caches and shows the results as a gallery of 80px square thumbnails. Anywhere on your blog you would like to see the thumbnail gallery…

WP Affiliate Pro

Key features that separate this premium WP affiliate plugin from the pack is it ability to automatically rotate links. It’s also one of the few WP affiliate plugins that offers the ability to hide the destination URL in the status bar of certain browsers too. The WP Affiliate Pro plugin is priced at $97 for unlimited site installations and free lifetime updates. Should you decide for any reason that you don’t like the plugin, you can attain a full refund within 56 days of purchasing it. Support for this WordPress affiliate plugin is handled via live chat and email.

FlippingBook WordPress Gallery Plugin

FlippingBook WordPress Gallery is an excellent way of working with images in blogs. You download photos, and the plugin creates a small photo gallery out of them. If you need to post several pictures, you don’t have to make large posts. After being joined together, pictures can be put into a beautiful album-book and don’t take up much space. It’s very convenient to look through the pictures, leafing through the pages. You just have to double-click to print images out. This is a real interactive book which is nice and easy to use when you turn its pages.

Mini Mail Dashboard Widget

Send and receive e-mail messages on the administration panel and optionally receive SMS messages containing the sender, subject and (part of) the text when new messages arrive.

I Love Social Bookmarking

I Love Social Bookmarking is a simple WordPress plugin that allows your readers to submit your content to social media services via a clutter-free drop-down list of attractive icons.