31 Superb CG Digital Artwork Tutorials

Most of the artists love to draw imaginary graphics on canvas, CG digital artwork usually used for cartoons movie characters, digital art paintings  and for many other things, infect there are no limits to imagine for an artist who love to create their magical pieces with a unique style, below are some good examples of CG artwork for your design inspiration, in this roundup you’ll find 30+ Best CG artwork Tutorials from the famous artists around the world, CG artwork tutorials would be helpful for beginners as well because each tutorial contains easy tips and tricks step by step so that they can learn with no trouble.
This useful list would also be helpful for you to learn a little more about character makeup, 3D rendering, lightening effects, 3D, 3D max, and many other techniques.

CG Digital Artwork Tutorials

Modelling a planet. Setting up the scene and light.

First it should be mentioned that this method is useful only for those cases when the planet is shown at the middle or background.

Create a Spectacular 3D Space Explosion

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a brilliant 3D space explosion using some basic tools inside of Vue Infinite and Photoshop! So let’s get started!

Making of Quad bike by Ali Ismail

This will be a brief explanation about making of the quad bike, I like quads but you won’t exactly see me riding one (too scary for me 😉 ) anyway it was needed for a small project for a presentation of a quad and motorcycles racing track, it needed to be animated as well.

Making of Light House by Volkan..

I want tell about why I choose to do this model. Firstly there is a wonderfull atmosphere and it shows part of my life. I want to do this but I havent got any chance for do that.One day when I surfing on the net, I saw picture.

Create a Photorealistic Car Render using 3DS Max and Vray

Whenever you see highly realistic images of CG cars, you may think that it is an incredibly difficult process to arrive at such a high quality result…this is not actually the case. In this tutorial, Sumeet Gupta will show you how easy it can be to create a photorealistic car render using 3DS Max and Vray, as long as you know the right steps.

Making of Wood/Concrete WC by rip

This was a client work, and we ask me to create a simple and modern Bathroom with similar lines as the exterior house (FIG. 1), very simple and with a lot of concrete and Wood.

The Hole (Making Of)

In this “Making Of” we will use the free plugin Greeble

Making of Journey Across the Desert

About the Image – This image was a personal project, I wanted to paint an exotic open desert landscape and imbue with a sense of mystery. The painting was created using Adobe Photoshop CS3, took approximately 8 hours of work over the course of two days.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Modeling of Portal Cube

The Portal Cube or Weighted Companion from the Valve game Portal has become somewhat of an icon. This morning I modelled this in 3D Studio Max and recorded to show how it was done.

Creating A New World by Henry Pashkov

This tutorial is intended for those artists who are going to place a planet on theforeground of their new artwork. To implement this tutorial I use a part of the lesson…

Lighting and Materials inside 3ds max

These video tutorials is created by artist Giorgio Luciano in 3ds max. These tutorials will throw light from basic settings of Lighting and Materials to final render. This approx. 1 hour series will help you in refining your skills. Giorgio live and dream in Genova and was born in 1975 (Gemini). Love art, reading, drawing and the smell of the place where live after the rain.

Create an Awesome 3D Future City – Day 2

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an advanced city of the future using 3DS Max. In this part we’ll take a look at the materials and lights on the scene and we’ll also post-process the final image to make it look outstanding! So, let’s get started!

VIDEO tutorial: Making ASANTI wheels by photo

3DM3 want to present you first video tutorial of Making ASANTI wheels by photo by be_fast.

It’s a big series of video tutorials in hi-quality with comments. NOW you can download it for absolutely FREE and please post here your impressions about the tutorial.

Making of “Chaleur et paix” by Mohammed Khalil

I was looking for some references that could help me put things together. Basically I was aiming for a dramatic shot of an ancient passage, and so after doing some research I came up with these references:

Brazil2 GI Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will be seeing how to use Global Illumination in “Brazil ‘Rio’ Rendering System v2.0”. As well as a small information on the very useful, Brazil2 Advanced Material, which, in my scene is used to create the water in the pool.

Making of Rollerblades

Making Convincing Reflective Shaders in 3DS Max 7.5 and up using the Mental Ray Render

Hey guys, my name is Erik Mjelde and I’m going to show you step by step how to make a convincing reflective shader using max 7.5 and up. The reason you need 7.5 and up is because we are using mental ray’s ?max bounce? option that is only available in 7.5 and higher versions. This tutorial should be easy to follow even if you are a noob, so lets get started.

Making of Zhao Zhuang

Though I haven’t been to Zhou Zhuang, I was attracted by the worn-out wall and the winding bridge when I saw the scene first time. Therefore I found some reference pictures from the network.

Create an Abstract Armored Sphere Scene in Cinema 4D

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a complex abstract Armored Sphere scene in Cinema 4D. You will use structure tools (such as Extrude and Extrude Inner), HyperNURBS, and the Danel shader to create the scene, and then render it with Advanced Render, and finally add some depth of field in Photoshop.

Creating Normandy SR1 in 3DS MAX

In this tutorial I will show ho w to model Normandy Space ship from mass effect.

Create an Abstract Disco Ball Scene with Cinema 4D

In this tutorial you will discover how easy it can be to create compelling abstract CG images with Cinema 4D. Follow along as Konstantin Muromtsev demonstrates how he created his animated Disco Ball scene, using primitives, structure tools, the Mograph Cloner object, and random effectors. Adding post effects like Caustics and Glow, and rendering the scene with Advanced Render will also be discussed.

An Archiviz Workflow Overview in 3ds Max, Sketchup, and Digital Fusion

In this Architectural Visualization workflow overview you will learn how to use Google Sketchup for photo matching, create a Vray-proxy in 3ds Max, use Max script to speed up your workflow, reduce render times when creating a large scene, set render layers in 3ds Max, and do some post production in Digital Fusion.

The Outcome

HDRIs using Vray 1.5 RC3 Renderer in 3DS Max 9

Hello, this is Shashank Sharma, or better known as shashanks18 on 3DM3. In this tutorial, we’ll work out to know how to do a decent lighting using HDRIs using Vray 1.5 RC3 Renderer in 3Ds Max 9.a

Centuried Street

Create an Ivy Covered Tree Stump with 3ds Max, Ivy Gen, and VRay

In this quick and easy tutorial, we will use 3ds Max, VRay, and a free plugin called GW:Ivy to create a highly detailed ivy covered tree stump scene. For those of you who are beginners out there…don’t be intimidated! When you are finished you will say “I can’t believe how easy that was!”.

Hard surface textures

Making a weaved pattern

In this tutorial I will be talking mainly about how I made the weaved pattern (wattle) for the sides of the chair in the scenes below. There were a few requests so I decided to write about it, I’ve tried to draw the general idea of how it was made, as a final render it might look complex, but breaking it apart you’ll find out that its mainly a repetitive pattern. So here it goes…

Open Umbrella (3D Studio Max modeling tutorial)

In this tutorial you will learn how to create an open umbrella quick and easy. It’s not a detailed model, rather an easy to build object, ready to be deployed in larger scenes.

Modeling of Coca Cola bottle

This tutorial is intended to show you how to make a Coca-Cola bottle using Maya. Although, you may think making a bottle is trivial, but it is easy to overlook some of the tiny details that make your final image more desirable to watch. I will also try to give you some tips, which can help you with your workflow when you are modeling in Maya.

Making of By the Sea by Adrian Baluta

I am a sci-fi fan and I like the appearance of space ships, with a strong perspective.  I decided to make a large ship hovering over the sea, and in the back of the painting I thought about adding a small, normal ship in order to achieve the correct proportions and to have a good visual impact…

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