I believe in design good design, design that makes you happy, design that pushes things forward, design that is simple, modern eye-catching, design that sells, I believe in my design, this superb wording is communicating what exactly I am going to share with you. Yes indeed this post also fit in to my favorite subject and that’s typography. Typography has been a very important part of promotional material and advertising. Designers often use typography to set a theme and mood in an advertisement and for many other projects.

Typography is a beautiful art to make your design more than attractive and unique from others. Typography is all about vision, techniques and inspiration. Well it was a brief introduction of typography but today we have compiled 60+ most beautiful and artistic typographic wallpapers for you to make your desktop more cheerful. You may also find some wonderful ideas and boost up your designing skills…

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I love Typography

Typography is King

can you type it?

Study of Typography

typography flow – threesquare

Them: The Other Side

The Art of Arranging Type

Colors Typography Wallpaper

I love typography

Wallpaper of the Week #32

Be Yourself

115 words of LIFE

heaven anyone?

I love Boxes!

Typography Wallpaper Concept

Stay Green, Go Red Wallpaper

rome typography

Striped Typography Loved Wallpaper

the philosophy wallpaper ..

Go away, Arial. But, Helvetica Wallpaper

Helvetica Stripes




Blood Has Been Shed

july calander

Save the Earth. SAVE YOURSELF.