30+ Amazing Nature Inspired Photography Examples

Nature photography is an extremely popular profession and hobby for those who choose to express their creativity through the magnificence of planet earth. Nature always attract everyone and of course me as well therefore a few months ago I have posted a similar story “80+ Breathtaking Nature Inspired Photos” and today when I was browsing through the web I discover some beautiful pictures of nature so I decided to share these photos with all our readers and visitors. In here you will find 30+ stunning photographs inspired by nature, hopefully these will bring you as much inspiration as they did me, have a look and enjoy the beauty of nature..

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    There are some compelling photos in that collection I’ll agree. I’m getting a little tired of that 4th one being called a photograph though. It’s not. It’s a composite at best, or heavily photoshopped at least. The moon and the sun have the same apparent size in the sky (that’s why solar eclipses appear as they do, with the moon obscuring the sun in perfect totality).

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