Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing program that enables users to creating or modifying images for the web. Image editing software such as “Photshop” can be used to apply effects and warp an image until the desired result is achieved. Photo retouching is extensively accepted as an art. There are different types of digital image-retouching, such as manipulation, enhancement, removing elements or visible faults on skin or materials, we have collected a list of 30 amazing photo retouching tutorials which might be helpful for you to learn some tips and techniques of photo retouching, give it to a try…

Add Your Face to Movie Poster

You can find a lot of tutorials how to paste another face to the picture. Here I’m planning to show you my own way how to do this step by step and explain how to process every small detail in this design. You will look as a real real star!

photo retouch tutorial preview

Professional Retouching Tutorial

This two part tutorial will work towards creating this professionally retouched result:

5 Really Easy, yet Essential Photo Retouch Techniques for Photoshop Beginners

In this tutorial, I will show you 5 very simple, however very important techniques for Photoshop beginners when it comes to photo retouch. You will discover how easy it is to add more contrast and depths to the image to make it look better. This tutorial is really simple but effective, Have a try!


In this tutorial we are going to use The Spot Healing Brush to removing blemishes. We can greatly improve a portrait by removing skin imperfections which are rarely a desirable feature in a photograph.

Photoshop Quick Tips #7 – Edgy Style Photo Treatment

Following our series of Photoshop Quick Tips, today we have a really nice tip from Cameron, a photographer and digital artist working at BOXeight Studio. Cameron will show us a really cool photo treatment that will give an edgy, surreal look and feel to a regular photo.

Photo Manipulation Tutorial: Turn an Ordinary Photo into a Dramatic Urban Scene

As the title says, in this tutorial i’m going to show you how to make a dramatic urban scene using an ordinary photo taken with a compact camera..

Easy Smooth and Soften Skin in a Image

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, we’re going to learn an easy way to soften and smooth someone’s skin in a photo without blurring out important image details, such as the person’s eyes and mouth.

Portrait retouching: Photoshop tutorial

Improve people shots with these simple techniques and unleash a portrait’s full potential

Dodge and Burn retouch tutorial

Learn how tu use Adjustment Layers, Dodge and Burn Tool to achieve similar result if you would used something like Healing Brush Tool.

Adding Reflections To Sunglasses In Photoshop

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, we’re going learn how to add reflections, or at least, different reflections, to sunglasses.

How to Digitally Paint Lip Gloss

This tutorial demonstrates how to use digital painting with a drawing tablet to create the illusion of lip gloss on bare lips. I use this technique frequently for retouching, and it’s a great digital painting exercise too!

Evening Eye Make Up Effect in Photoshop

Today I will show you how to imitate evening eye make up in Photoshop CS3. This lesson will be very useful to those who process the photos for fashion magazines.

Change Hair Color With Photoshop

This tutorial will show you how to change the hair color easily with Photoshop. The effect looks natural and beautiful but very easy to achieve!

Separating Complex Objects from Background

You can find a lot of tutorials how to separate complex objects from the background. But I would like to invite your attention to another one unique simple tutorial how to achieve the desired effect in just a few steps. I got this method by experimenting.