While Adsense for MOST is to Become of the bloggers as a mother with a big wallet Without End, To Which One Must Do event, be aware of your changes file, know all about it, and Especially like a lot  Making money with Adsense, the first not is easy, Summarized in A Few important points you Need to Know Itself in Adsense and how Should it be your website:

If you come with the idea from the beginning, wanting make money with adsense in the first 3 months old your website, these wasting your time unless you know what to do, advertising diplomacy have knowledge of SEO, optimization, and online marketing, these by far to win some money representative.
If your site has less than 500 visits a day, is best to remove Adsense advertising, all we will do is to scare away your visitors, the curious and disturbing.
Do not fill your blog advertising, Eh seen posts where left to right in the middle of each post, with advertising, do not know where it begins and ends the ad, you must know before you have advertising, you have hundreds of people who visit your site often and be contented with what is offered.

Think as a user before putting advertising, reverses the roles, what if you were the one visitor who came to Google via a website, say for a particular story, and that upon entering, you encounter a mediocre content, or not comprehensive, and up advertising everywhere you make sure you never see it again, and when you come back to meet her by accident, but will not review its contents because it will seem familiar, and find another site.