How to delete your Facebook or other sites account and how to get it back

It would be interesting to know that how to delete or deactivate your Facebook or any other internet sites account and how to get it back, huh?

Now if you’re on the subject to delete your account from different social networks or other internet sites, I was reading on the subject of the loss of users of Social Media Networks I found this website which somehow helps you to delete the accounts you have registered at various web sites, in other words, it shows a list of sites from A to Z in which you give a tutorial (and links needed) to know how to delete your account on that website. Interestingly enough if you have decided to delete your account you can still get it back.

Before you begin:

I must say, that you will lose all your friends you have if you’ll delete your account and everyone will need to re-add you or re-confirm all your requests. So be careful before taking any action and make sure what exactly you are going to do with that account, simply delete or just deactivation of an account?  I must also warn you that any action you’ll take by follow the link above will be at your own risk..

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