10 Ways To Avoid Mistakes During Communicate With Customers

Communication is defined as: the exchange of ideas, information, etc., between two or more individuals. While communicating with the costumer there can be some breakdowns, as we all have ability and strengths and we also have part of weaknesses, and one such part is poor communication skills. This can be unfavorable to your career since these skills are important in any part of life, but more so in the professional field. So a person who has developed his art of communication can do wonders in professional life. Here are some common communication problems and suggestions.

You should be very clear in your mind about what you are saying:

In writing e-mail does not fill the “To” field until the last moment. Reread what you wrote in the message body at least twice. Frequent horror stories about the letters sent to the address of the person to whom they are entirely were not intended. Do not become one of the people who passed through it sent a letter to return fail.

Exact on to the point:


Immediately specify with the customer all the details, especially those that relate to future revisions and changes. It often happens that easily carried away by the advancing work, I did not pay due attention to the list of possible changes included in the fee. As a result, on the saying “oh, yes! Minor edits were acceptable!” can be very sorry, recasting the finished project almost in half.

Spell check:

Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves. Stress on a specific word can change the entire meaning of a sentence; always proofread your texts carefully. In addition, better that someone else has checked the text, looking at it with fresh eyes.

Stick to the brief:

In the beginning we put the career on a full, squeeze out all the juices in the hope that it will pay off, so that we seem desperate rather than to impress enthusiasts of the business. Stick to the brief and try to solve it presented the most problems in a creative way, you are expected this, and not hard work.

Work with the client:


Everyone knows that he needs to think big. In fact, the excellence is exactly to find the best solution within boundaries outlined by the client. Try to think of them as a prison walls, but as a starting point in your thoughts and ideas.

Find your best skills:

Definitely try to avoid taking a job where you do not strong, do not have sufficient knowledge or simply to a no lies the soul. Choose clients as they choose you. Learn from your mistakes instead of to walk on the same way over and over.

Do not go with assumptions:

When we were asked to develop a model of packaging, we are assured the customer that we are on the shoulder, and got down to business. And while we scan showed packaging and on its basis we have done your layout, when it came to print exposed that the cover is on the wrong side. As a result, everything is always check and do not rely on assumptions.

Justify your conclusions:

Not so Recently I worked with several brands of cosmetics, and they seemed to me the most unpredictable customers in the world. However, I decided that if I make a few options in their own way, and while I can logically and comprehensibly justify it, why I came to these concepts and findings, will I be able to take control of the development process into their own hands. Subsequently, this method has worked brilliantly.

Always keep history of clients:

I never faced serious problems, but on the other hand, I always have backup of their files. Let unrealized, not accepting the idea or intermediate stages of the work will be always in hand, just in case if the customer changes his mind.

Know what to expect:


Excellent way to avoid problems with customers, it pre-aware of the fact what can be expected from them, even before the work will go in full swing. Only in this case, you will avoid any possible misunderstanding and mutual criticism.

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