Is it possible to resize multiple images at the same time? I have 50 images that I want to same size.  Will I have to resize all of these separately? These kinds of questions can be asked often from many Photoshop beginners or by someone else who even does not  know anything about Photoshop, therefore I’m going to teach them with this little but useful tutorial, which will give you an indication of how incredibly easy it is to do. Though, there are some things you need to keep in mind while resizing your images, as we’ll see in this Photoshop tutorial.

Note: This is the first ever tutorial in my career, so please guide me if I make any mistake and I think the screen shorts will guide you more than my words which have been indicated with blue arrows:

Step 1:

First, open your desire image folder which you want to resize, make a new folder in it with a name “edit” or what ever you want to name it, like shown in picture below.

Step 2:

Now open an image and select the actions button > create new set and click ok and then > create new action and click record, if action button is not showing such as in image below, so you can find actions in window menu, from the menu bar as well.