The logos are meant to represent companies’ brands or corporate identities and promote their immediate customer recognition. Logo design is an important area of graphic design, and one of the most difficult to perfect. Logo is a symbol or combination of symbols designed to make a more memorable image of the company. Ideally the logo should express graphically the main activity of firms, although variants are possible. Here are some useful tips and tricks which will help you to understand when creating a corporate identity.
Style – a combination of permanent visual, visual, information tools, with which the company emphasizes their individuality. This is something that helps the buyer to recognize your company among many others, leaves a favorable impression of solidity and reliability, remains permanently in memory, and forms an image of the company in the eyes of customers and partners. The logo is the core of corporate identity and its main element around which all other elements of corporate identity: color combinations, fonts, proprietary layout, additional proprietary graphics and visuals.

A few milestones to creating the logo

The first stage of designing a logo:

The creation of the concept of the logo, the idea of writing, the choice of font, the future of the logo.

Corporate font:

Corporate fonts are customized fonts to suit the needs and image of any type of business. Customized Fonts help establish a company’s corporate brand design and are a key to their integration into all communication processes. To find an individual solution which will further strengthen and refine your company’s corporate identity. Of course, owning a corporate font is what sets the company among others, but still it is not a necessary component of corporate identity, you can use ready-made fonts (only those not covered by anyone’s intellectual property right). You can either develop a new font and select a suitable existing ones.

The second stage of the logo

The development of fine character: The customer gets to his court has several options of fine character, usually around 4-6. The choice of colors.