A Terrible Factor About Social Bookmarking Networks

I’m here to tell you an absolutely undeniable truth… A few weeks ago when I was just doing my routine work and was sharing user experience at some social media bookmarking networks so that others might find it useful, suddenly I got surprised by a Social bookmarking network (Mister Wong) who decided to use their traffic for commercial purpose and start making money with its users because they have PR-8, does it really matter when someone has PR-8 or so? If yes, so prepare yourself to pay many other such social networks as well.

Their Mission

Though initially Mister Wong will charge only 2$/month up to 24$/month but the prices would be increased often once you join them with that conditions. Logically when they considered themselves a leading social bookmarking network so why they have decided to earn from us? I think, it makes really a bad impression to all other social bookmarking networks, such as Digg, Stumble, Facebook, Twitter and some other famous social networks and also for us as horrifying. Below you can read their logic.

Their Logic

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(During the past couple of weeks we have made some changes at Mister Wong: our free directory is back and there are also newly designed user pages. This – and our current page rank of 8 – makes Mister Wong popular with its users; but unfortunately also with lots of gatecrashers … Automatic bots have registered a couple of thousand spam accounts in the past weeks alone, which led to a very high operating expense for our quality control team and our data base handling. Therefore from today on, mister-wong.com will only be free of charge to private users with “trusted” status. The “trusted” status will only be given to users who are not using their account for commercial purposes.)

How They Become Succesfull

I personally used Mister Wong and I’ve never ever putted any spam content on it but still they considered me as spammer, why is it? Because they just want to make money now till they have PR-8, I think PR-8 is the license for them to make their users bother as much as they can, right? So if anybody will try to present himself as “trusted” user so he should be aware that he must be considered as spammer as they declare me, because from now they have decided to start earning and nothing else. I can still use Mr. Wong if I make them agree on their fixed rates. But I have decided to avoid becoming a part of such kind of fake social media network which gets fame by dint of our labor and now they want to earn by considering ourselves the spammer. I did so and resultantly Mister Wong has deleted all my shared posts and the back links that I had generated and it had dashed my efforts of last two years to the ground. I am sharing my knowledge to you because there are so many such kinds of social bookmarking networks that have the thought of getting their page rank up so that they could earn and tease us by using their site traffic. I would suggest to boycott such type of networks and the same should be forced to remain a social media network instead of making it a source of earning. I am not against earning at all; but the team of Mister Wong should learn from the other famous social networks such as Digg, Stumble, Facebook, twitter, linkedin about their source of income whether or otherwise they are earning by teasing their users forcefully?

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    thanks for the review, I’m intend to join Mr Wong but not when I read your post, there are still many great free social bookmarking you can use like designfloat, designbump, thewebblend etc

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