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To make a well-organized and beautiful banneris not a child’s play and the same can easily take several hours. You can learn HTML, copy / paste JavaScript, but how to approach the banner? I think we all got through it. We start with a concept, develop it, add, remove, add, and again we get a monster instead of a masterpiece. Remember one rule, if you have created a banner and you do not like, it is unlikely and how others would like it? However, this rule generally applies to any creative activity.

All is not as difficult as you might think

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The banner is an appealing medium of advertisement. From this perspective, it is very similar to the poster. It spends no more than 3-5 seconds for other visitors to view and in fact, in a sense, advertising is a relatively large space, and is necessary to express ideas more clearly and vividly.

The main elements of a banner in terms of advertising are slogan and visual image. The others should go after understanding the problems of banner to design and order. There is nothing worse than banner advertising when it is not something where it leads. In this case, the user clicks on a banner, is deceived and instead of attracting visitors, we get the opposite effect – doubtfully a visitor will come again.

Banners can be divided into image and standard. Trendy differ from the usual that is used in the design elements of the main site, color and logo. In contrast to the usual banner, an image not only works when pressed, but also its mere presence spins mark since banner is clearly familiar and considerably associated with a particular company or site.

Any good banner – this sort of idea has a keen interest for the visitor and ignites in him a desire to go to the link. But we must understand that any banner designed for a specific audience coincides with a potential audience of advertised site.

A banner should be started with such type of wording which promotes the same banner as well as devises a good slogan. It is without any doubt that invention of a slogan with pictorial impact is important for thorough comprehension of the banner.

And now for creativity – we’ll come up with an idea, a slogan and choose the appropriate image.

Technical considerations

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When you create a banner to take into account that it will be viewed in an alien environment, and that there is nothing we will know about the page on which it will be, and will not be able to provide color, we need to clearly demarcate the banner – on its perimeter a must delineate black frame one pixel wide. In addition, the banner shouldn’t have a transparent background – always a solid (but not necessarily one-color).

Artistic consideration

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Banner must bear some idea; otherwise it will be unattractive. It will have nothing to entertain, to attract and to intrigue potential visitors. A good banner can be likened to a puzzle – it is not immediately solved, but the visitor receives positive emotions and stores which type of riddle lies in the design after finding an answer? Have you ever seen those pictures, looking at that again and again, you discover something new? This is the case. Designer would come up as a riddle, and then its “code”, the viewer is gradually opening up these puzzles (mostly on a subconscious level), but clues often serves slogan. If we use an animated GIF, opportunities for more, we can split the puzzle a few frames and lifts it slowly…

As a basis we take the banner with the use of visualization (the so-called photographic image or a drawing, which serves as a central element of the composition). And we assume that each banner consists of the following:

  • Slogan
  • Visual effect to illustrate the slogan (entering the game with the slogan)
  • Colors (for color image banners often coincide with the color of the advertised site)
  • Additional text (address pages, an explanatory text)
  • Additional design elements that emphasize the basic idea and style of banner. In case of image, banner is very convenient to make a template and substituting different slogans and visuals, a whole series of banners.

Let summarize our arguments and list the steps that need to go through to create high-quality banner:

  • First we need to figure out what goal we are pursuing in creating this banner and let us ask ourselves some questions about advertising this banner and who could potentially be interested? Think yourself as a visitor who is looking for advertised our site, and ask ourselves what we would like to see on the banner?
  • After receiving the answers to previous questions, it is necessary to formulate an idea or a script (this is the case with animated banners).
  • Finally, we come to invent a slogan which expresses our idea or a script the best (must invent a few options – at least 10-15). Remain at this stage as long as the slogan created for ourselves does not like.
  • Graphic part – now you can run Photoshop and implement the idea in a picture, compiled from clip art or draw the most appropriate under the slogan of a visual.
  • Make the first version of the banner, then another and another and another, until … begins to like it.
  • Finally, we should optimize the banner.

I hope this information will be useful to avoid frustrations and let me know if it works for you Good Luck…

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