30 Superb jQuery Plugins for Dropdown Navigation Menus

Dropdown navigation menus playing an important role in design today, because most of the websites having a number of pages and sub categories, therefore, it is essential thing for such websites to enhance header navigation with the power of jQuery. In this article we’ve compiled 30 useful jquery plugins for dropdown navigation menus. We hope these scripts will suit you to use in any project, let’s have a look and enjoy this neat collection.

Kwicks for jQuery

Welcome to the Kwicks for jQuery home page. Kwicks for jQuery started off as a port of the insatiably attractive Mootools effect (of the same name), but has evolved into a highly customizable and versatile widget. Please check out the examples to see it in action. Thank you for visiting!

jQuery ListNav Plugin

This jQuery plugin supplies an easy way to unobtrusively add a letter-based navigation widget to any UL or OL list. An easily stylable (via CSS) nav bar appears above the list, showing the user the letters A-through-Z. Clicking one of the letters filters the list to show only the items in the list that start with that letter..

jQuery ListMenu Plugin

This jQuery plugin, developed in the iHwy Labs, allows you to easily convert a long, hard to navigate list into a compact, easily skimmable ‘first-letter’ based menuing system, allowing quick and ‘out-of the-way’ access to hundreds of items..

Image Hover Move- simple and practical navigation or featured image jQuery plugin

AoG Carousel

This is a 3D-like spinning carousel that can be manipulated with the mouse. It is fully powered by jQuery. There is no Flash, no CSS3, just simple jQuery coding. It is lightweight (6k) and highly customizable and compatible with all major browsers.

A Simple Good Looking Context Menu

Yes, there are loads of context menu plugins already. But they require a fair amount of work to make them look good. This one is easy to use, small, and looks good.

jMenu, horizontal navigations with unlimited sub-menus in jQuery !

jMenu is a jQuery plugin that enables us to create horizontal navigations with unlimited sub-menus. Besides jQuery, it also requires jQuery UI and supports all the effects of this library (like fadeIn or slideDown)..

Wizard Steps

WizardSteps is a plugin that converts a group of containers into a fancy steps wizard that includes a simple API to control de state changes. CSS styles are organizaed in a modular way and with the minimization of http requests in mind, so, images are included in CSS, but you can modify it at will to fit your needs.

Aes Grave Fairy

Aes Grave Fairy adds to your menu flying fairy. When you click it goes to the element and flies around. The fairy is intended to be shining sparkle but one may change it to practically anything (picture or html).

jQuery Sliding Tabs Plugin

Sliding Tabs is a jQuery plugin for creating horizontal and/or vertical animated tabs for your website. You can have multiple instances of the tabs and customize them in any way with CSS . The script comes with many customization options, making it very flexible and easy to customize to your needs.

DD Mega Menu

DD Mega Menu is the ideal menu script to use when you need a drop down menu system that supports arbitrary sub menu layouts, such as multiple columns of links or even arbitrary HTML. Each drop down menu is simply defined inline on the page as a regular DIV, making it extremely easy to customize its contents whichever way you like. And unlike most other mega menus, this one supports nested levels.

Win Menu

Very simple menu bar by default looking like windows menu bar but can be easily customized through options to fit you web page design. Menu bar allows you to have:

Huge Vertical Menu

4 Color palettes avaliable, Custom HUGE , medium & small icons..

jqDock v1.8 … a jQuery plugin

The Dock is a set of iconic images that expand when rolled over with the cursor, and usually perform some action when clicked. jqDock is a jQuery plugin that mimics that behaviour by transforming a contiguous set of HTML images into an expanding Dock, vertical or horizontal, with or without labels.

Sticky Mega Menu Bar

Tired of ‘sticky header’ plugins that make that annoying 150 height header stay always on top? Here it’s the solution: Sticky MenuBar. Just select what DOM object is your UL based menubar in, and the script will make it sticky on top of your screen whenever your visitors scroll your page. Once you scroll back up, it will stop at the right position..

Sticklr – Sticky Side Panel CSS3 + jQuery Plugin

Inspired by Envato site-switcher, here is what I came up with: stickr, a sticky side panel made with CSS and enhanced greatly with jQuery. Show on Hover/Click/Dblclick You can set whether the menu shown when mouse hover, click, or double-click. In demo page, you can see the left one is click and the right one is hover.

jQuery One Page Navigation Plugin

When appropriate, I am a fan of the one-page sites. I really like the ones that add smooth scrolling and highlight the navigation depending upon which part of the page you have scrolled to. Here are a few examples: Brizk Design and Crush + Lovely. I finally have a freelance project where a one-page site makes sense, so I needed to write the JavaScript to make the navigation work how I wanted.

jbar – an attractive toolbar menu that requires no extraneous markup.

jbar is a jQuery plugin that transforms an unordered list <ul> into a stylish toolbar with dropdown menus using no images and CSS3.

Superfish jQuery menu plugin

Superfish is an enhanced Suckerfish-style menu jQuery plugin that takes an existing pure CSS drop-down menu (so it degrades gracefully without JavaScript) and adds the following much-sought-after enhancements..

JQuery Drop Down Menu Plugin

JQuery Drop Down Menu Plugin is very flexible and animation tool for multiple drop down menu.
you can download it from here.


Have you ever tried styling an HMTL form? Had a good time reproducing the “select” list from your client’s funky Photoshop mockup? Probably Not.

jQuery Simple Drop-Down Menu Plugin

So, I present to you the simple drop-down menu. The peculiarity of this menu is that these 20 lines of code and absence of various cumbersome mouse events within html code. This script requires the jQuery library. There’s a version that does not require jQuery.

jdMenu Hierarchical Menu Plugin for jQuery

The jdMenu plugin for jQuery provides a clean, simple and elegant solution for creating hierarchical drop down menus for websites to web applications. View the feature list below to see if jdMenu is the solution for you.


Emenu is designed to create a fixed-width, fixed-height drop down menu contained within a header image.

mcDropdown jQuery Plug-in v1.3.1

For our help desk, customer service and call center software applications, we needed to develop a unique UI control that would allow users to select from a complex hierarchical tree of options. We wanted this control to be intuitive and it had to allow for both quick mouse and keyboard entry. After many rounds of discussion internally and with customers, we came up with the following list of requirements..


Creating custom dropdowns is usually a tedious process that requires a ton of extra setup time. Oftentimes lacking conveniences that native dropdowns have such as keyboard navigation. DropKick removes the tedium and lets you focus on making s@#t look good.

JQuery Dropdown

JQuery Dropdown is a cross-browser JQuery plugin allowing the creation of select boxes with images. It has advanced configuration options, which allow functions to be executed on selection change or click, as well as great methods interface, allowing dynamic change of selection, and getting the selected value as text.

New jquery.nucombo plugin

New jquery.nucombo plugin for styling <select> elements in HTML pages available to download and use for free.  This plugin is compatible with ASP.NET DropDownList controls.

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    I’ve updated my blog with some other plugins following that style including between others sliding buttons and panels, and a container minimap generator.

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