50+ Most Popular and Stylish Freemium Drupal Themes

It is known that website design requires a lot of resources, skills and energy. And if you’re not familiar with HTML and CSS or just want to save time then readymade templates would be a perfect choice. Drupal is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) Drupal runs over a million sites,
Today we are going to share a collection of free drupal themes, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional designer / web master, you will find here 50+ Most Popular and stylish freemium drupal themes. They will help you evaluate the quality of our collection, have a go and determine the correct choice and do not hesitate to download and study these high-quality professional free drupal themes according to their terms and conditions.


Cleanfolio was originally designed by designmag. Its a table-less XHML/CSS, two regions. Cross browser tested; Firefox, IE.x, Opera, Safari, and Chrome but still under development


It features a main content area, a featured media box, and a section for sidebar items or icons and is fully HTML 5 compliant.

Agency Dark

Agency Dark is a new Drupal Template by Themes Drupal and Siti Drupal.it. It was inspired from siti-drupal.it template but it evolved separately. This new template provide five regions and it is easily customizable.

Elements Theme

Revolution Elements is a dark, two-column theme with unique style that showcases images alongside the text of recent posts on the homepage.

A Vitamin

The template source code is clean and easy to understand. You can easily customize it.

 Free Magazine Gray Drupal Theme Template

Free Drupal Black Gray Magazine Web 2.0 Theme Template, Simple Free Magazine Drupal 6.x Themes Templates Design With 2 Columns, Standards-Compliant XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS, White and Gray Colors Schemes, Web 2.0 Inspiration Design, Right Sidebar, Unique Layout Design, Valid CSS/XHTML, Fixed Width, The Graphic Mostly Done by CSS Which Means it is Very Easy to Customize for Your Own Style..

Fusion magazeen theme

Magazeen is a free premium Drupal theme, based on the Magazeen WordPress theme by Smashing Magazine. Magazeen features a slick, hip, blue, black and hot pink color scheme that is great for blogs and magazine sites and it comes with all the flexibility you’d expect from a Fusion theme.


Impressive dark theme, available in 3 options: default, grey and green. Built for flexible uses, three menu options available, flexible layout, different combinations for you to choose. The overall design aim is, not to be complicated, it should be sufficiently enough. It can be your personal homepages or company profiles.


RootCandy is a 3 column theme focused on administration section.

Admire Grunge – A grunge drupal theme

Another high quality free Drupal theme contributed to Drupal community. This theme is a grunge style theme.

Admire Gray

This is the release of my new Drupal theme in Admire series. This design is based on clean gray colors in web 2.0 style. This theme has become very popular since its first release as it suits site of all scale.


Arclite theme originally designed by digitalnature.ro. License GPL.


ImpreZZ for Drupal is based on the WordPress theme ImpreZZ, which was created by ProductiveDreams for Smashing Magazine.


Tundra is mainly for theme developers who want to use the backend and power and jQuery features that are uniquely provided in this framework Drupal theme.


The Jackson Theme is a professionally designed, well-organized, free Drupal theme. The Drupal7 version is a base theme. The Drupal6 version is based on the NineSixty (960) Theme. Jackson’s clean layout and light weight code make it a great theme for small or medium-sized business to get up and running quickly.


Clean modern theme with fine tuned css, will be great for blogs, communities and online media..

Austin Zen Sub Theme

The Austin (Zen Sub theme) was created in partnership with Mark Boulton for the “Iron Chef” style competition at SXSW 2009. The competition known as “Ultimate Showdown of Content Management System Destiny” brought 3 CMSs (Drupal, WordPress and Joomla!) together to build the same site and the same theme in each platform, and then share all the hard work back with our communities.


Afterburner is the fastest Drupal theme ever and is completely free. The theme balances speed and search engine optimisation with a full feature set. The theme is based on the standard SEO layout used in club themes, and is therefore fully dynamic and collapsible. An assortment of 8 preset styles, both light and dark also accompany the template.


This Drupal theme Octavin looks like a typical company website that you can see in the web, so it can be used by many websites. If you want a free, out-of-the-box CMS with a good looking design, Octavin is a great choice. It is released under the GPL license and is free to use on and modify for any site.


Marinelli is a 3 column, tableless layout theme with a wide image banner and a “top-tabbed” primary-links system.


BlogBuzz 7.x is available now! It is RC release because it has dependency on other modules. When all dependent modules catch up with Drupal 7, we will have BlogBuzz 7.x official release. Meanwhile feel free to install.


Addari is another clean theme contributed to Drupal from Worthapost. This theme targets those who want cleanliness and web 2.0 mixture for their Drupal based website.


This theme was ported as a Fusion sub-theme to Drupal, using it with the Skinr module gives you many configurable options on blocks and views.


Agregado was originally designed by Darren Hoyt and Matt Dawson for WordPress and commissioned by the folks at Smashing Magazine. Ported to Drupal theme by Leow Kah Thong.

Libra Drupal Theme

Libra Drupal Theme by Glidea Web Agency and Drupal Soul, is a powerful Omega subtheme based on the 960gs. The design is a combination of blue sky colors with a nice look and feel. Good typography contrast has been also considered. The header is flexible and can optionally include a secondary menu, site name, slogan, inline search box and the primary links.


Today it is drupal 6 template called BlueCurve. Clean, stylish, and very blue. Features: three columns, 5 regions, a smart-width expanding dynamically but not too wide, W3C valid code.


Using the old wine label color as the background and dark brown content blocks above, this theme reminds a vintage time with few decorations, simple text to drive attention to pictures. At this situation, beautiful pictures can speak for the whole on behalf. So let’s the readers enjoy the true content of the site, with a bit favor of the old vintage wines.


A two column fix width theme..


Drupal Gardening is a XHTML & CSS based nice Drupal Theme. Valid XHTML and CSS.


A sober but stylish theme, good for blogs..

AD Lemon Twist

This theme is based upon the WordPress theme Lemon Twist..


Grassland is a bloggers theme for those of you with your heart in an ecological place. It’s green and browns help your visitors feel welcome. Not for you a highly technical, cold or geeky theme. This is about being outside, being warm in the sun, and meeting your friends for a picnic in a field.


Fields 2009 template is a simple Drupal Theme with three standard regions (header, sidebar and content) plus three small regions below the header. It has been optimized for a minimum resolution of 1024×768 and it is easily customizable from the CSS.


Briefly, this theme was provided by Thai Drupal Community because it’s too lonely to be unique site on the beach (or under deep blue sea), so we decided to contribute this theme for everyone who in love with Drupal (and we hope you’ll love us, too).

A Cold Day

New lightweight template. 24th June 2010: new 6.x-3.0 vesion with updates and bugfixes


This theme needs some more work, its fully functional but there is alot more, in the next release insha’Allah.


Summertime is a beautiful theme with lots of small fancy things which will make your Drupal website look unique. This theme was designed & developed exclusively for Drupal by Pixeljets team.

Four Seasons

The project issue list will be cleaned up. I will close issues from the branches 6.x-2.0. If you feel an issue has to be looked at, feel free to re-open or create a new one. The theme was completely rewritten for version 6.x-2.x Temporary comment: Screenshot does not represent the new version 2 that should be available as a develoment snapshot soon.

NonZeroRed DTB

NonZero DTB is a strict xHTML validated, standards compliant CSS based drupal template with striking bold layout. It has a fluid width which aligns the sidebars and menu items itself on the page with an eye-catching red color theme. It is a very lightweight and fast loading theme.

 Ebizon RedFire

Ebizon RedFire is a strict xHTML validated, standards compliant CSS based drupal template with mission statement, breadcrumbs, custom footer. It is a fixed width with beautiful red, black on white background color theme.

Dark Elegance

Dark Elegance is another simple & dark theme contribution from Dezinerfolio. This theme mainly focuses on simplicity in usability, accessibility, typography & is built around a css-based (tableless) layout. The color palette uses simple flat dark colors which makes it a clean & fast loading theme.


Absynthe was originally designed by Chris Wallace for WordPress. Convert to Drupal theme by Neo Khuat.

AD Redoable

Part of the AD Themes series, generously sponsored by Duplika, whereby some of the greatest themes for other content management systems, as well as general open source templates, are ported by Avioso Designs to Drupal.


D4rk 1.0 : Beautiful dark blue and red design with centered fixed width layout , a right sidebar , a nice image header and of course, valid XHTML/CSS. ). I used a few creative ideas from Adobe’s website.


The original design is StyleShout’s Colourise 1.0, awesome work from Erwin Aligam. I had modified text color scheme and typography to be more legible and more suitable for both Latin and Thai characters (my native).


Twilight is an original recolorable theme for Drupal 5.x and 6.x

Acquia Slate

Acquia Slate is an advanced, dark, corporate Drupal theme developed by TopNotchThemes in partnership with Acquia for their commercially-supported Drupal distribution.


BlueMasters for Drupal by More than Themes is based on the homonymous PSD template, which was designed by Wendell Fernandes and released for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

 Acquia Marina

The Fusion base theme and Skinr are required. Skinr for Drupal 7 (dev release) is usable now but it is recommended that you proceed with caution and do some of your own testing.

 Purple Box

Purple Box is a great looking theme with a blue and purple color scheme with plenty of space for your blocks.


LiteJazz is a GPL theme by RoopleTheme. It features 3 color styles, 12 fully collapsible regions, suckerfish menus, fluid or fixed widths, easy configuration, and more. To see LiteJazz in action, visit the LiteJazz demo site.

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