25 Most Useful Chat Widgets and Chat Client Tools

An open source live chat is essentially and excellent complement to almost any website.  It always enables site visitors to communicate in real-time concerning the site’s subject, providing businesses an great advantage of understanding in real-time what their site visitors like or don’t like regarding their products or services.
Whether you are a website owner or a company holder, for both of you I’ve compiled 25 most useful chat widgets and chat client tools to use for your own website or just use some of them to communicate with your workers.

Google Talk chatback badge

A Google Talk chatback badge will let visitors to your web page chat with you. They’ll be able to chat with you whenever you’re signed in to Google Talk as multyshades@gmail.com..

Yahoo Messenger Pingbox

Chat privately with visitors on your social network profiles, blog, or website through Yahoo! Messenger..


RumbleTalk provides a live customizable chat widget that can be added to any web page..


Let your website visitors chat with you while you’re online in your messenger..


Meebo me is designed for anyone with a home on the web. If you’ve got a web page where you’d like to communicate with your visitors, meebo me allows you to see the people who are visiting your web page and chat with them!


Weave face-to-face communication into your site with our flexible API or a simple, plug-n-play app..


Add live chat capabilities to your website today. Get instant feedback and great user interaction with our shoutbox chat widget..


If you’d like to have webchat on your own website, you could use a Java applet that requires a 3rd-party download or you could use Mibbit, which requires no special download at all!


Manage all your existing IM, email, and social network accounts from one easy to use application..


AJAX Chat is a free and fully customizable open source web chat software implemented in JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Sound support is implemented using Flash, Socket support using Flash on client-side and Ruby on server-side.

PHP Free Chat

phpFreeChat is a free, simple to install, fast, customizable and multi languages chat that uses a simple filesystem for message and nickname storage.


Live Chat Support Initiate chat with your visitors Respond to their chat requests.


Get a Cbox and add a new dimension of interaction to your website or blog. Cbox is a unique chat and messaging application that brings the best features of traditional chat and tagging systems to the social web. And the best part – Cbox Basic is completely free.


Pidgin is an easy to use and free chat client used by millions. Connect to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and more chat networks all at once.

Mibew Messenger

Mibew Messenger (also known as Open Web Messenger) is an open-source live support application written in PHP and MySQL. It enables one-on-one chat assistance in real-time directly from your website.

Banckle Live Chat

Banckle Live Chat is a next-generation web-based application that brings a social and collaborative touch to your live customer support. It enables you to track and monitor your website visitors effectively, enlightens you with comprehensive and detailed analytical reports and empowers you to manage all your live support activities with maximum efficiency.


Get an AIM WIMZI widget for your social networking pages, website or blog, and let others chat with you when you’re online with AIM. Your AIM Name stays private, and AIM WIMZI also lets you use your AIM Buddy List ® window to see how many people are visiting your profile or website!


Add free live chat to any web page..

Zoho Chat

Get your clients to chat with your support representatives live. Resolve their issues instantaneously..


KoolIM.com is a web messenger application that allows you to stay connected with your favorite Instant Messenger almost anywhere. You need a computer with just a browser only. There is no need to download and install any software or Java plug-ins into your computer to use KoolIM.com Web Instant Messenger. KoolIM.com provides friendly, light and very easy to use web-based interface with almost all core features from the original Instant Messenger.


eBuddy is your online messenger for MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, Facebook, ICQ, MySpace and AIM (AOL). Whether you’re at home, school, work or traveling; with eBuddy you can chat online everywhere anytime. eBuddy is available as a web based and mobile version. eBuddy provides instant messaging on every computer, it even works when you are behind a firewall! eBuddy means no downloads, no installation of software or upgrades and no registration. Best of all it’s free .. enjoy


The only way to chat with all your friends right from your desktop..


EZIM is a messenger for internal communication. It does not need a server to authenticate against to sign in. As long as you can get an IP address from the DHCP server (i.e. the network supports multicast), it will be able to find all other users within the same network segment and communicate with them. It is very handy to use on local area networks as it allows admins to provide a simple messenger service to the members without the need to add more servers, making life alot easier.

Office Notes

Office Notes is a FREE application for taking and delivering in-office messages. It works within a local area network and it’s easy to setup and use.


SIP, the session initiation protocol, is an open protocol for VoIP and other text and multimedia sessions, like instant messaging, voice, video and other services..

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    There is so many of them…could you tell or update which of these allows to comunicate with a skype user from the web?

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    @Drimma: Don’t think Skype offers such integration – would be nice though! Hope the post author can elaborate if I am wrong?

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    Good job author! and even great for putting my best two live chat in one list. I am a great fan of Pidgin and Banckle Live Chat. The good thing is that these both tools work hand in hand. I am using banckle’s live chat application on my website and I use it when I want to use web. Support helped me in configuring Pidgin with Banckle’s live chat application. Over and above, I am also their iPad and iPhone application user. I am totally sold to banckle.

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    You have missed to include Desk Plugin, it’s a free jquery/ajax plugin that provides you with the ability to customize it without any need for jquery/ajax knowledge.

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    Many software available at market for live chat support, but here i introduce another tool like eAssistance Pro live chat software that provides the clients an efficient way to contact your company, where you can easily assist them by walking them through the entire productivity process.

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    Its not powered by flash, and is connected to the main system, hence the traffic is shared across all websites.

    Its available at: http://e-chat.co/widget.jsp

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    Try it, its free.

    Any suggestions, let us know. Thanks 🙂

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    Great article but.. you are missing my favorite website.
    I always use LetsWisp.com it free, simple and easy to use. i like it.

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    Thank you for sharing your experience on the aforementioned chat widgets. There are plenty more out there, but I guess it wouldn’t be even possible to list them all 😉

    If you are interested in engaging and growing your community, a good solution would be (Chatwee.com). Consider the following must-have features: users database integration (SSO), plugins and modules for CMS, mobile responsiveness, chat rooms, advanced moderation and customziation, and many more…

    -Thanks, Paul

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    Tried them all 🙂
    RumbleTalk is one of my favorite as it is html chat room but more than that it has live calls like skype.

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