High Quality Fabric Patterns and Textures for Free

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Fabric patterns can give your designs a whole new level of quality. Use them for backgrounds or other elements within your design to give a subtle touch of texture. Silk is perfect for adding a bit of romance, sensuality, or even professionalism to a design. Jeans convey comfort, durability, and even sweat and grime. Each fabric has its own message to portray, so be sure to choose from the following list carefully. The best part of the following fabric patterns? All are high quality, allowing you to use them for all sizes of projects.

12 Free High Resolution Fabric Photoshop Patterns

8 Free Beige Photoshop Patterns

seamless fabric patterns

fabric patterns a3

Denim Patterns

Jean Textures

Canvas Texture

Fabric Textures

Fabric texture

texture 013

Patterned Fabric

15 fabric textures – 800×600

Loose Knits Textures

5 Square Fabric Textures

6 Fabric Textures

Fabric texture

Rusty Fabric Texture 3

Fabric texture pack 01

 Lace Fabric Textures

Yellow Velvet Fabric Texture

Elegant Gold Moire Fabric

african fabrics textures 1

Indian Textiles Textures

Cloth Textures Pack 1

Paisley Curtain Texture

Pack 1: Geographic Fabric

Fabric Leopard Skin Pattern

8 Random Fabric Textures

Cloth Texture Pack 2

BG Vintage Pk 7

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