Designing a logo or website are creative projects that may invite several criticism. Some of these criticisms are constructive in nature and points out at serious flaws in designing. Avoiding such constructive criticism is possible if we can minimize our mistakes in website and logo design. Let us first find out about some commonly committed mistakes in logo design.

Common mistakes of logo designing:

Lacking professional finish

Logos should symbolize your business. When you are using graphics and text they should complement each other aptly.

Have a look at the two logos given above. Logo design of Mont-Sat is not only amateurish; it appears to be indecent and casual. This creates a bad impression about the company. The logo on the right hand side is hard to read or understand because of poor contrast.

Missing the message

Sometime the logo designer or logo designing company may get overboard with use of graphics and colors. In this way the message intended to be conveyed by the logo gets jumbled up.

Can you make out name of the company from the above logo design? It appears like a jumble and don’t serve any purpose for the company.

Non scalable image

It is imperative for a logo design to be scalable. Logo of a company is displayed in different sizes and mediums. It features on the letterheads, delivery vans, billboards, corporate gifts, packages, etc. A company logo that is not designed with vector graphics is not scalable. It gets pixelated when enlarged, as in the above example.

Complicated design

A logo design that is too complicated is hard to remember. Such logos are not suitable to be used in all marketing components.

This is logo of a dental clinic! It is not only hard to get the message about the service but hard to find out what the logo designer intended to convey! You can’t be penalized if you think it is logo of a shoe company.

Using too many fonts

While briefing a logo designer client hardly talks about the font. However, it is desirable to use only two fonts for a logo design. Using too many fonts of different sizes and styles may distract attention from the message that the logo wish to convey.

Similar looking designs

Logo should be unique. If logo of your company or organization has striking similarity with any established brand then there may be several problems. The situation may get worse if both of you are in same business. Avoid using clip arts and generic logos if you are planning to build a brand identity. Here are logos of two NBA teams that look strikingly similar.


Common mistakes of web designing

Now that we have gone through some common mistakes committed in logo design we may find out some common mistakes of web designing. Cluttered, generic and disorganized website design drive out traffic from a site. This can be prevented by avoiding some common mistakes.

Poor navigation

A visitor comes to a website to search for some specific information. In most cases the visitor lands on homepage of a website. Desired information should be maximum three clicks away. This can be achieved with intuitive web designing. It is something like arranging files in a cabinet alphabetically. It is simple to find a file in such organized cabinet. If you don’t have buttons like Contact, About Us, Sections, Resources, etc. then your visitors may get confused. Absence of logo design on homepage adds to confusion. Absence of a sitemap for guiding users is a big mistake.

This is one such website where necessary elements of navigation are missing.

Lack of blank space

It is necessary to have relevant, updated and organized content in your website. Displaying of such content should not be cluttered. Web designers should use enough blank space on all web pages where a visitor can rest eyes. It may be compared to framing of a picture. The blank space helps in highlighting the content. Lack of blank space makes a website appear dull and confusing. The image below describes it aptly. The companies don’t even care to show their logo design.

Lack of contrast

When text of the website does not have proper contrast with the background it is difficult to read the content. Apart from readability, wise use of color and contrast is critical for drawing attention of the visitors to various sections of a website. It is also useful for defining hierarchy of navigation and flow of a page. In the example below, you can see how poor contrast appears irritating.

Absence of clear call to action

Websites are created for definite purposes. There should be provisions in the website to engage the interested visitors and get them involved. You spend a lot of money to drive visitors in your site but your primary call-to-action button – “Click Here”, “Buy Now” or “Subscribe” remains buried within heaps of text. Call to action buttons are great ways to grab attention of users and crucial for higher conversion rate. Let us try to simplify it with two examples.

While the website on pest control does not tell the visitor what to do the other one on windows installation clearly inspires the interested visitors to contact the company.


Website and logo design are crucial components of branding. When any of them or both are flawed, brand image of the concerned company suffers. It is desirable to hire professional web designers and logo designer to prevent such distress.

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