Legends Never Die – Superb Portraits of Steve Jobs

Legends never die – Jobs will live forever! Steven Jobs was born in San Francisco on 24 February 1955 and he died On October 5, 2011, in aged 56. He was co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. Thank you Steve for the inspiration and vision for not only dreaming about what is possible, but showing all of us it is possible make dreams real. Great souls who have given so much to this world, have done their work here and they just move on to where all the other great people have gone…

Today we’re going to represent some of the most amazing and interesting portraits of Steve Jobs to give him a little tribute.

Note: All these drawings, caricatures and illustrations are “All Rights Reserved” and belong to their respective owners.

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  1. 1

    I totally agree with you here! n these are Great examples of steve jobs portraits. thanks for the share.

  2. 2

    Dear Casper,
    I really enjoyed your overview of portraits of Steven Jobs.. Do you happen to know what the name is of the artist who made portrait number 21 (charicature of Jobs with apple in his hand)? I would like to get in contact with him. Thanks.
    Kind regards,
    Frank Schaper, The Netherlands

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