Invoicera: Simplify Your Invoicing & Time Tracking Tasks

It sure is a proud endeavor to own a business under taking and manage the same, while producing much required products and services for various clients. However, the same takes a toll after some time when the business owner has to take care of clash of interests, manage the staff members and the clients as well. An effective solution which is available with the business owners to strike a healthy balance between varying clients’ expectation and staff member is Invoicera.

For those who are not really acquainted with Invoicera, it is primarily an online invoicing and time tracking application which aims to simplify the work and processes for the business owners and generate and send invoices instantly to their clients.

With Invoicera, Entrepreneurs can Enjoy These Following Benefits: Get paid lightning quick Bid adieus to all the delays and waste of time in sending detailed and informative invoices and resulting delay in payments. Accept instant cold cash in lieu of the same by charging your clients directly from their credit card accounts. In fact, Invoicera nullifies any need for you to manage the felonious customers just activate the service of late payment reminders and Invoicera will itself remind your clients regarding the late payments. Besides, this online invoicing software allows you with great features and flexibilities.

With Invoicera, you can send invoices instantly in multiple language and currency and hence forth impress your global clients. You can also integrate multiple payment gateways with the Invoicera account in order to provide the customers with flexible options. Invoicera supports as much as 20 global payment gateways and the clients can pay you accordingly through different options.

Supervise Your and Your Staff Members’ Time efficiently

One of the co-terminus attribute of the online invoicing software, Invoicera is an expert time tracking solution having capabilities with which you can easily keep a track of the time your staff members are spending on various projects and make sure they are strictly adhering to the plans and guidelines.

Look Professional, Feel Professional

By availing the expert services of Invoicera, you can easily create the estimates and send the same in the most professional looking and organized invoices to the clients. It saves a lot of time in generating estimates, sending professional looking invoices/experts and allows you to maintain reports and track down your expenses just like an expert accountant.

Manage your Clients and Staff Members Easily

Invoicera considerably reduces the time you have to spend on interacting with your clients and managing your staff members effectively. The client interaction becomes really easy and with expert expense tracking you provide them how much you spend on various parts of the project and by tracking the time spent by staff members on various projects, you can streamline the internal work flows.

Additional Useful Features of Invoicera :

1. Expense Tracking: To keep a track of all your projects expenses effortlessly and accurately, Invoicera provides expense tracking .In invoice, the entire expenses of your specific project will be added to allow you to get paid in full. By importing your expenses in your Invoicera’s account, you will be able to know about your business profitability and whether it is up to date or not.

2. Customized Invoice Template: To make sure your business identity is reflected and represented through the invoices received by your clients, professionally multiple designed templates have been provided. For those who are not that much technically sound to customize their template, for those Invoicera has come up with a Template Customization Service, with which you can get your invoice/estimate template customized by their experts as per your requirements.

3. Magento Extension: With Invoicera’s magento extension, you can easily generate and send professional invoices to your customers with in real time as soon as they place an order on your store.

4. Invoicera with Google Apps: If you are a user of Google apps, then using Invoicera will create many benefits here. The application can easily be accessed through Google apps with single sign in process and further utilizing Invoicera with single Google sub domain.

5. Invoice Scheduling: Scheduling of your invoice to be sent on specific date and time can be carved out. It would be sent automatically on the set date & time without any complexity. This will make your workload lighter.

6. Referral Program: With Invoicera’s Referral Program, you can earn 40% recurring commission for life time by simply getting your friends or your business contacts to sign up for the Invoicera’s paid subscription.

Final Say on Invoicera

If you are looking for effective and simple to use online invoicing software, Invoicera sure is a solution look forward to. With multiple payment gateways, currency and language support, Invoicera sure provides unrivaled features to the users.

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