In present times, the question about the uncertain future of logo designers on the web often tends to arise. The reason for this is mainly the changing world of graphic designing which has forced the future of many logo designers into uncertainty.  So let us find out the reason behind this change.

The world of graphic design or logo designing to be more specific is under threat. The reason for this threat is not one, but many. From education to the present day economy, everything is responsible for the uncertain future of logo designers on the web.

The point of designing a logo is to convey or communicate a message or idea from one institution or person to another, purely by means of pictures, symbols etc, i.e. without directly explaining or saying anything. But, in the present day world, the term graphic design itself has come to mean something else. It is no longer about the creativity or uniqueness of a person’s designs, but it is an all-in-one term. Not only are designers expected to be skilled in deigning logos, they are often expected to exhibit the same amount of skill in designing websites or working with the most recent software available in the market today. Graphic designing is no longer only about creating a unique logo.

Thus, logo designers who were in this profession for a long time and are skilled for this job alone are suddenly faced with a grave situation as they are expected to perform duties outside their area of expertise.

This change in the world of designing had started to make its presence felt long ago and thus the change was not really abrupt or completely unexpected. Over the last few decades, there has been a remarkable growth in the number of educational institutions offering courses on the subject of graphic design or logo design. However, these courses hardly have anything to do with the delicate art of creating a logo. They are keener on teaching the students how to handle and operate various technical devices like the adobe, Mac or pc. This is a clear indication of the fact that the demand for such technical operators is much higher than conventional designers.

The Result of this Uncertain Future of Logo designers on the Web:

In addition to the changing trend in the world of graphic designing, the economic recession of recent times brought about its major downfall. Due to this recession, the demand for logo designing has gone considerable down, resulting in uncertain future of logo designers on web. All but the best designers are forced to retire from this field, as many companies attempt to save themselves from going bankrupt by cutting down on employee salary. Similarly, the hourly payment rates have also dropped. Even those logo designers on the web who are freelancers are affected by this economic downfall.

Even though we say that only the best companies and the most skilled designers will able to survive, that does not mean that we will see  a marked rise in the quality of work that is produced during this time. The reason for this is right in front of our eyes. Those companies who require logos to be designed will also be pressurized for money in the current economic scenario. So they will try their best to save money by avoiding the expense of hiring a professional logo designer. Instead people would try to create their very own logo for their own company by learning the most recent software application, Photoshop etc. therefore, it is only natural that due to the lack of professional skills, the standard of work produced will be inferior compared to what we had seen in earlier times.

Though this decline of economy and growth of the trend of designing one’s own logos leads to uncertain future of logo designers on web, this is not the only thing that comes out of this practice. This practice will start a trend of communicating one’s own ideas oneself and in some cases it can even communicate messages better. The original graphic or logo designers will however have to go for a change of profession due to this practice. They can now utilize their original skills in the profession to teach or encourage others to communicate their individual ideas through logos. This way even the ones who are not professionals in the field, will be able to produce some meaningful quality of work.

Just as the method of expressing thoughts through pictures or graphics have undergone a huge transition over the centuries, from the era of cave paintings to the present era of designing using software, the previously known field of logo designing may also  evolve and change to suit the present times. Thus, even if this change has brought about the uncertain future of logo designers on web, it is expected that with time these designers will find a place where they can utilize their skills.

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  1. Nora
    February 16, 2012

    Nice article. as a logo designer i do accept all the facts here, n appreciate the writing!

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