How to Create Icons: 30 Practical Lessons from the Experts

When you approach Icon design, you need some guidelines and ethics that are worth studying. If you want to create effective icon designs, then you should keep the issues in your mind such as audience, size, simplicity and style. Today we’ve arranged 30 practical tutorials from the experts and they will give you a good start for creating icons that work well together and fit perfectly within your designs. So let’s start learning and practicing at the same time!

Design a photorealistic app icon in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to use light and shadow to make realistic artwork..

Create a Simple Clipboard Icon in Illustrator

Learn how to create a simple clipboard icon. Use a complete Illustrator CS5 workflow, vector shape building techniques, and vector effects to design this icon..

Create a Vector Ticket Icon in Illustrator  

Learn how to use Illustrator to create a clean, vector ticket icon.

How to Create a Pacifier Icon in Illustrator

Learn how to create a pacifier icon in illustrator..

Create Baseball Cap Social Icons

Learn how to design Baseball Cap Social Icons in Illustrator and Photoshop!

Create a Travellers Suitcase Icon in Illustrator

Learn how to create a Travellers Suitcase/Luggage/Bag Icon using Adobe Illustrator. We’ll be using a mixture of shapes, effects and various techniques to create this icon.

Create a Cute Valentine’s Day Icon with Adobe Illustrator

This Quick Tip explains how to create an envelope icon, you’d love to click!

Create a Transistor Radio icon in Illustrator

Learn how to create a Transistor Radio icon in Illustrator and present on a colourful background in Photoshop.

Create a Detailed Vector Chalkboard Icon

In the following Illustrator tutorial you will learn how to create a detailed vector chalkboard icon.

Create an Opened Gift Box Icon in Illustrator

Learn how to create a 3D opened gift box icon in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll be using shapes, effect options and the Pen Tool to create this cute Gift Box Icon.

Create a Gift/Present Box Icon in Illustrator

Learn how to create a Christmas or Birthday inspired Gift Box in Illustrator using shapes, colour gradients and 3D options.

Create a 3D Shipping Package Box Icon in Illustrator

Learn how to create a shipping box/parcel box icon from scratch using Adobe Illustrator.

Create a Cute Twitter Bird Character in Illustrator

Learn how to create a cute cartoon Twitter bird/icon in Illustrator!

Create a Speedometer Icon in Illustrator

Learn how to create a Speedometer icon in Illustrator, and present it nice in Photoshop for your portfolio.

How to Create an Analog Clock Icon in Illustrator

Learn how to create a Vector Analog Clock Icon from scratch in Illustrator!

Creating a Modern, Glossy Mouse Icon in Photoshop

This tutorial is about creating the Apple Magic Mouse in Photoshop, though you could use these techniques to create other mouse icon design styles as well.

Make a Headphones Icon Using Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to create a realistic image of headphones using simple and understandable techniques. It turns out that to get a good result there is no need to do it in a complex way. This tutorial is easy for any beginner to complete.

USB Stick Tutorial

Learn how to create flash drive in photoshop..

PC Mouse Tutorial

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to create a PC mouse from scratch..

Create a Stylish Media Player in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to replicate Apple’s iPod Nano. Not only will we recreate it’s signature body form, but also the headphones and put them in a unique setting that makes it pop.

Creating a Toaster-Popping Illustration

With this tutorial, learn how to apply some effects not often used in Illustrator, like the Chrome effect, which is used to create metallic look with a realistic aspect.

Create a Vector Film Slate Icon

The tutorial uses some basic shapes, some gradients, and even a blend. Moreover, you can easily customize this tutorial with your own logo or typography.

Beginner Illustrator Tutorial – Create a Vector RSS Icon

This Adobe Illustrator tutorial covers the simple steps involved in creating a vector RSS icon and includes a range of handy techniques that can be put into practice in future creations.

Create a Happy Sun Character

This intermediate tutorial is great for logos, children illustrations, and other projects relating to climate change. Moreover, you can easily apply this tutorial to other illustrations, logos, and projects!

Create a Set of Shiny Character Eyes

Learn how to create detailed vector eyes that can be used for all sorts of character design projects. The techniques used here are basic and the processes quick and simple, but the result looks great.

Create Your Own Set of File Icons

Follow this quick tip and you will learn how to create your own set of file icons.

How To Draw a Vintage Polaroid Camera Icon

In this tutorial, we will create a Polaroid camera icon. We will use lots of layer styles and draw manually with the brush tool to achieve a realistic appearance.

How to Create a Wallet Icon Using Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial we will learn how to create wallet icon using simple techniques and objects.

Render a High Detail Leica M8 Camera with Photoshop

Learn how to recreate this stunning image of a limited edition white Leica M8. This is a very lengthy Photoshop tutorial that will show you every step of the process. A PSD with 186 layers is included at the end of the tutorial.

How to Create an Energy Saving Bulb in Illustrator

Learn how to create an energy saving bulb icon with the help of the Illustrator’s Mesh Tool.

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