Kids’ Easter – 31 Cute Easter wallpapers

Are you ready for some Easter backgrounds for your desktop? We’ve compiled an exciting, new collection of free downloadable desktop wallpapers as a special gift for all of our little friends. Here are the 31 brilliantly colored easter wallpapers to customize your desktop and brighten your day! Have an Egg-cellent Easter Day!

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An Easter Heart

Wendell’s Easter Wallpaper

Cute Wallpaper

easter wallpaper

Happy Easter 8D

waiting for Easter

Where are the babies

Schnuffel Bunny Easter Wall

Schnuffel Flower Wallpaper

Schnuffel Bunny Easter Wallpaper

Happy easter


Easter wallpaper illustration

Easter by CHIC


Easter Wallpaper

Easter Wallpaper

Easter Wallpaper

Madoshi Easter Bunny Wallpaper

Happy Peepster

Cute Hatchling

Guilty Rabbit


Chocolate Bunny

Easter Wallaper

Easter Rabbit


easter two

Peter Rabbit Wallpaper

Easter wallpaper

Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter!

Easter Wallpaper

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