10 Judicious Tips to Deal with Criticism

Criticism is the part and parcel of any work. That’s why; at times a designer has to face it from others. He should have presence of mind at these occasions to tackle the critical situation masterly as it can poison his mood and mental temperament if it is sarcastic. The following tips will surely prove as a wonder drug for the designers:-


1.         Always bear this reality in mind that criticism is quite contrary to the mood of designers as there is a hell of difference between the personal approach of designer and that of critics. So, don’t get nasty, just take a break and use your energies to some other soul relieving works instead of prompt response to the critic.

2.         It is an acknowledged fact that bad mood is just like bad weather which disturbs and destroys everything occurring in your mind. So don’t get aggressive and avoid paying back in the same aggressive manner as the critic has used for you in criticism.

3.         The next step is to identify the motive of criticism. This requires no doubt a very strong will power along with comprehensive ability.  Therefore, your response should be irrespective of any difference between your clients and random critic to give a good impression of your to the other side.

4.         After getting over your senses, try to claim detail from the critic regarding all elements of design: color, fonts, layouts, etc. Try to negotiate him about all aspects of design so as to make the environment congenial.

5.         Use your utmost skills to explore the priorities of your client. Sometimes a quick change of direction and style can compel the client into shock.

6.         A designer can also take help from his relatives and friends in the work of criticism if they are competent enough for the same. He should watch for reactions, facial expressions, with a pause before saying something. For this, it is necessary to monitor minor symptoms to make a great change in designing.

7.         Don’t loose your ground during all this process of discussion as it is not necessary that the criticism and priorities of the client have any rational approach. Therefore, you should keep on highlighting the salient techniques of your design work to make him able to see eye to eye with you.

8.         In some situations, the client is keen on behaving like a slave owner in relation to you.  If you feel at any moment while discussion that constructive conversation is not working effectively, try to significantly reduce the price or offer any bonus in the form of a banner.

9.         If your client is criticizing to make some necessary changes in design, try to make changes so that the client will have a clear look whether it is much worse or otherwise.

10.       Criticism is not always useful for the designer as sometimes the client is just biased and does not want to move even an inch from his place of criticism due to some unknown reasons. It is also not necessary what he is criticizing is beneficial for you. So don’t get heated rather handle the situation by self-confidence.

I was looking through all of these discussions and thought I should write a message to try to help some of you. If you have comments or tips of your own to share, post them here under Comments.

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