Handy Tips for novice designers


It is a strong probability for beginners’ web designers to commit mistakes on account of lack of experience. A web designer has to put his soul into this creative activity as it involves sensuousness. A minor act of negligence can be disastrous. Always use your thinking faculty in a peaceful state of mind. Just relax before initiating web designing and focus on your idea keeping in mind all the relevant aspects of your web designing image dwelling in your mind.

This article suggests the key-tips how to use your brain for an effective web design.



Avoid copying others’ ideas! The foremost advice is to avoid stealing of others’ ideas as it will be a mixture of styles sans any clear conception of your own. It will result in reverse effects.

Be fully attentive to background image! Background image with too much brightness or vice versa will smudge the whole image in the very first outlook. The element of impartiality in the wallpaper will be fruitful.

Divide into parts! While editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, cut the image into pieces, and then “paste” it when you insert a web page table. This procedure will accelerate the pages.

Element of proportion should be minded! Meaningful animation will catch the attention of the visitors promptly. Avoid Overloaded animation as it will draw attention to the long download page.

Ponder over formatting. Proper formatting with considerable thinking and transparent background will influence the web-site design positively.

Image Optimize. Last but not the least, do not turn a deaf ear to the fact that reduce the size of the file in a graphics editor before posting on the website! Such actions will help to increase the speed of loading pages.

I am hopeful that the aforementioned tips will serve as torchbearer for you to pour your energies while working on any kind of web designing. These will also enlighten your thinking ability how to focus on web designing with fruitful outcome. It is just like a prepared spoon, take it and enjoy the utmost relishes in your career.

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    Respected Syed Mohsin Raza, It is a good source of learning and inspiration. It will change the whole scenario of designer’s thinking approaches. One can learn a lot from this splendid website.

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