Designing Brand Identity: Essential Learning Standards

Most of the designers love to use their creative to produce the best design purely for the artistic purpose. But it is not possible every time especially if you are a professional designer. But when we talk about branding it means applying your design for commercial purpose. It is a great opportunity for the designers to match artistic talent with commercial application.


The ‘Brand’ concept is perhaps the most easily recognizable and well-known method of marketing. But in reality the idea of ‘brand’ is quite simple. If you ask anyone what a brand is they will promptly reply you with minimum 10 best brands examples.

But branding is something more than brand. We can define brand as ‘The purposeful, structured and holistic management of perceptions, expectations and experiences, on behalf of a marketable entity, based on a clear and compelling definition of the brand and its visual and verbal identity.

Only a good graphic designer or a graphic designing company know perfectly how not to limit themselves within designing a logo only but give the company they are working for a new identity. ‘Identity’ is through which the world recognize the brand. It is necessary to have a simple, easy to understand and easy to remember symbol for the organization to make a successful business planning. If you take the examples of Apple, KFC or Google you may find that all these brands have such unique identities that we can remember them promptly even without taking a look at them.

Graphic designers are born with talent and creativity. But marketing expertise come later may be from the basis of comfort and familiarity. If you win the trust of your customers’ right from the beginning then you have already won half the battle. Only the excellent quality of designing along with equally excellent marketing can only make your customers to remember your logo, brand, slogan and above all your services.

A good quality graphic design can only bring the strong branding to your organization with the help of logo, colors and the slogan. The entire process of designing give a clean and clear effect to the company which is promoted by the whole advertising and marketing process be it through television, radio or online.

Your advertisement planning and marketing method should be included with online promotions, online marketing and sponsorship along with the print advertisements. Always remember to bring your name to the forefront of logo, ad jingles that are being used to promote the brand. This will help your target audience to remember you name along with your design.

Following are the few tips that can help you to meet your design with marketing:

Logo is one of the most important keys that make a brand successful and popular. A logo represents an organization and works as the communicator between the company and its target customers.

You can also make a brand successful by using typographic carefully. If possible you can use different fonts but you need to mix them up carefully.

You need to design the brand in such a way so that you can promote it using all the mediums starting from business cards to online advertisements.

Designers are bound to be born creative and talented. Therefore apart from designing they can also take the responsibility of marketing the brand. If you are a designer and you drive a lot for your business or your office is located on the busy road then we have a unique idea for you. You can have a set of car magnets that have your logo printed on them along with your contact details and website address. This way you can attract a large number of crowd everyday and become popular within a very short period of time.

Developing the identity of a brand strategically using graphic design can help you to fix the logo, the design, colors, slogan into the mind of your target customers. There are a number of graphic designing or infographic design agencies that can also work on behalf of you to create brand identity if you are not a designer yourself.