How to Improve Mobile User Experience with Graphics

Every 6 in 10 people carry smart phones in this world. But not all of them understand the importance of having a smart phone. They just bought those phones as they like the models but they do not know realize that these phones are so powerful that they can even compete with a normal PC. You can avail all these facilities that a PC can offer at a very lower cost and these phones consume a very little energy comparing to a computer.


In India the face of communication has been changed with the advent and evolution of mobile phones, especially smart phones that came much later. India is now considered to be one of the fastest rising markets for mobile services with fastest growing usage as well as mounting penetration. According to a survey made by TRAI there are around 290 million mobile subscribers in India.

But mobile phones are no more working only as communicator through which we can only make or receive calls and SMS. But they actually work as portable computers which you can carry in your pocket or purse. Like computer and mobile phones also helps us to learn a number of things. But the entire learning process can be defined by the devices supporting the mobile phone. Apart from learning it also plays the role of a great entertainer as the latest mobile phones are able to play music, videos, store pictures and a number of exciting games. Even if you do not have such things pre downloaded in your phone you can also download them either from internet of from other phones or computers.

One of the must have things for a mobile set is high quality graphic support. It varies depending on the companies produce mobile phones and the devices they use to offer the best graphics support. The latest mobile phones even give you the opportunity to personalize your phone. Your personalized handset sometimes reflects your personality and choice. You can set a simple yet theme or wallpaper or screen saver which can make you and your phone class apart. Wallpaper is the picture that are shown as the background of the display screen of the mobile phone and screensaver is the image that appears on the screen when the phone remains on the idle mode for a long period of time.

Most of all mobile sets are enabled with graphic display. Even showing the signal bar or the battery status is also the work of graphics. Mobile phones today have strong graphical power which enables the phone to display images, words and animation. Displays like these also support a number of texts.

A number of cell phone users use the photos of their father, mother, spouse or children or other family members as wallpapers. While the younger mobile phone users mostly set the pictures of their favorite celebrities or animation graphics from their favorite cartoon or other television shows as the wallpapers in their phones.

Most of all mobile handsets today are well equipped with a number of attractive wallpapers and they also come with the facility of downloading wallpapers. Phones which have internet access also facilitate the owner with the opportunity of downloading wallpapers through a wireless internet connection from the internet with the help of either MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) or emails.

For example, if you are looking to download wallpaper then you need to search for the particular wallpaper you want to download and set first and then you need to connect to the internet using your mobile phone. Now you need to place order for the wallpaper and wait for the message to come containing the wallpaper. The wallpapers available on the internet are not always available for free. Once the message received you can check and view the wallpaper on the phone and save it. But if the process does not work and you are unable to see the image or save it then you must check whether your phone is compatible to display the picture or not.

If you are using a camera phone then it will be easy for you to set a wallpaper of your choice. You just need to click a picture of the object you want to set as wallpaper clearly and then just save and set it as wallpaper.

Apart from such basic features as setting wallpapers or themes or screen savers there are much more you can do with mobile phones. Using phones that have internet access you can even check websites. Today websites are made not only for laptops and PCs but also to view using mobiles as well.

The graphics support for video game is seen improving day by day. According to NVidia, the world famous tech company for its best graphics processor, the video games graphics on mobiles will surpass those who are seen on devoted video games consoles.

Earlier, the mobile phones were only used to serve the purpose of communication. But mobile phones these days are not only used for making or receiving calls or SMS. Now we download ringtones, videos, set wallpapers, themes, check websites or play games simultaneously. We can even use our mobile phone to take pictures. There are a number of hi-end phones that perform better than an ordinary digital camera.

All these exciting features have made the mobile phone these days’ most popular gadgets across the world. There are a very people left in this world that do not use mobile phones or use ordinary phones just for the basic communicative purpose. The best way you can follow to enjoy your phone is by customizing the phone according to your choice. Your phone can become a special one simply by adding a logo or a picture.

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