The world is divided into several countries that are subdivided into different territories. Every region has its own tradition. People of that area lived with great zeal in their own particular ritualistic styles. They feel unimaginable relief while they are busy in it. Their traditions play a vital role in their lives whether they belong to rural, tribal or urban areas. Basically such traditions reflect the true spirit of people who are fed up with the blind materialistic race of modern world. As far as the designing field is concerned, both the beginners and expert designers are using their skills to introduce unique designs of postcards to get maximum output from earning as well as success point of view.

In this post we have gathered an interesting collection of postcards of African tradition relating to different areas of the African village for knowledge and inspiration of all. It will also help new designers how to design postcards according to the interest of the people.

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Tuareg Warrior Postcard

When all the guests have gathered at the bride’s village, the Tuareg ritual called Tendi begins. Seated in a small circle, women chant songs on the pursuit of love, while clapping, ululating, and beating the Tendi drum. The men mount their camels & circle around the singers. Proud of their fierce warrior heritage, Tuareg men from Niger like nothing more than to show off their handsomeness & that of their animals.


Maasai Tanzania Warrior Postcard

The Maasai live in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya & Tanzania. Maasai men move from one stage of life to another with elaborate ceremonies marking each passage. The ritual cycle extends over more than 25 years, beginning with circumcision. Here, a Maasai warrior proudly displays his beaded ostrich feather headdress.


Zulu bride


Adioukrou African Queen Mother Postcard

In Ghana, the display of gold at the Ashanti king’s jubilee in 1995 was unsurpassed in splendor. This Adioukrou Queen Mother, attending the jubilee, indicates her status by wearing gold turtle & crocodile talismans in her hair. Magnificently bedecked in gold jewelry & wearing gold dust makeup, she exhibits her husband’s substantial authority & worth.

post card

Maasai African Girl Postcard

In celebration of their impending graduation, Maasai warriors from Kenya launch themselves into a leaping dance known as “Empatia”. Throughout the ceremony, young Maasai girls adoringly accompany their warrior boyfriends. The beaded collars & headbands the girls wear are dessigned to bounce rhythmically as they dance to enhance their bodilly movements.

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Kokuzahn Celebration Postcard

The 7 day celebration called Kokuzahn, honoring the Voodoo diety, Flimani Koku, takes place once every 3 years. Dancing devotees in states of deep trance spin faster & faster to the rhythms of Voodoo drums. They are protected fom harm by wearing fiber skirts made from the Alatsi tree, and by smearing a paste made of palm oil, maize flour and herbs on their bodies.


Massai Warriors Postcard

The most demanding test that a Maasai warrior can face is the stalking & killing of a lion. Tradition dictates that at least once during his waarriorhood he must take on this formidable challenge armed with only his wits & a spear. Should he be successful, he will fashion the animal’s mane into a headdress & wear it on ceremonial occasions.