Mosque is a holy place of worship for Muslims of all over the world. It is a place where they seek satisfaction of their mind and souls five times a day. It reflects the artistic capability of constructors, matchless examples of colors and textures and traditional background of different areas of the world. It also presents gathering of Muslim Umma at one place where they worship God almighty without discrimination of their social status and colors. It is a source of inspiration for them to show religious unity at every forum. Different constructors have constructed beautiful mosques in their respective eras that are still the crystal proof of their inventive perfection. The entire world is replete with phenomenal historical mosques that are eye-catching as well as soul-satisfying for Muslims.

In this post we have gathered a unique collection of beautiful and historical mosques of the world to cool the eyes and inner soul of its lovers. It will also call upon the attention of designers to take inspiration for Ramadan calendars, as well as for some other great shots of beautiful mosques around the world. Feel free! Just enjoy the same and leave your precious remarks for our encouragement to bring out more appealing posts about divergent topics for amusement and inspiration of all in the forthcoming days.

Makkah Al-Haram




Makkah at Night

al haram

Masjid e Nabvi



roza e rasool

Masjid Quba


Sheikh Zayed Mosque