Top SEO Plugins to Optimize your WordPress Website

With unlimited number of WordPress blogs in vogue, you cannot popularize your blog unless you use the right set of SEO plugins. The SEO plugins not only spreads the word about your blog posts, but also gives you an edge over other blogs. Social Media and SEO plugins is an important marketing strategy that can reap sky-rocketing profits to an online business. No matter how good is your blog, it won’t get anywhere unless and until you use SEO plugins. A simple Google search will return countless SEO plugins. However, not all the plugins can provide you fruitful results. Here are the top SEO plugins that can help you generate big bucks out of your WordPress blogs at the spur of a moment.


sharebar wordpress plugin

As the name applies, a Sharebar is an incredible sharing plugin that lets you and the readers of your blog to share the blog posts over social networking sites and email. The Sharebar has various buttons such as Facebook share, google buzz, like, email, tweet and retweet. A simple click on the share button is all that has to be done to share your blog posts on popular social networking sites. Installing the Sharebar on your WordPress blog can popularize your blog in no time. Technically, the Sharebar lets you add the share code to your website/blog. This provides you the flexibility to have the Sharebar at any desired location of your blog. You can even customize it to display only selective share buttons. For example, you intend to have only Facebook Share and Tweet and remove the rest of the unwanted buttons, you can customize the Sharebar to get it done.

SEO Facebook Comment


Nothing works as good as a Positive Feedback or Comment. Get your positive comments displayed on Facebook with the SEO Facebook Comment plugin. This incredible plugin allows you to display a Facebook Comment Box on your blog. Whenever a user writes a comment, he/she can have it posted on Facebook too. So, if you are looking to spread the popularity of your website via Facebook, then this plugin would be the best fit for you. Another remarkable feature of the SEO Facebook Comment is that it allows you to customize the size of the Facebook Comment box so that it can have a better fit on your blog.

Sharing is Caring

sharing-is-caring wordpress plugin

Publicize the popularity of your website/blog to the world. The Sharing is Caring plugin allows your blog readers to learn about the number of likes that you have on Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz. It also allows new readers to like your blog posts via Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz. If your blog is already popular in the web, then you can spread its popularity through Sharing is Caring icon. For example, when a new visitor is about to read your post, he/she would be able to see the number of likes that you currently have for your blog. They will also have an option to like it on the social networking sites. The Sharing is Caring plugin can be customized to fit your website/blog screen. So, make the most out of this amazing plugin to win the trust of the new visitors.


storify wrodpress plugin

Grab the attention of Readers by having the Storify plugin on your blog. This smart wordpress plugin allows you to embed/share popular posts, stories, videos and links from popular social networking sites on your blog. For example, if one of your friends shared an interesting article with you on Facebook or Twitter, you can in turn have it displayed on your blog using Storify. The plugin makes it easier to locate and share the best stories that you have on your social networking sites. Interesting stories not only attract the attention of readers, but also keep them tied to your blog. So, make use of Storify to increase the number of visitors to your blog.

Hurry! Implement these SEO plugins to give a face-lift to your WordPress Blog.

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