20+ Fascinating Eid Card Designs

Most recently we can find a striking hustle and bustle in the Muslim Countries. The reason is clear like transparent water that the greatest religious occasion Eid which has a special charm for the Muslim community all over the world, is quite at hand. It is the occasion where Zakaat and other noble deeds of helping the poor and the deserving are performed. Everybody shares his heartiest regards with his dear ones. People are warmly involved in its preparation to celebrate it as per their own particular styles. They are worth-seeing when they embrace one another after the Eid prayer irrespective of their caste and creed. This is the greatest event of gathering for both the rich and the poor at one side, and on the other hand, it erases their social differences for the time being. In the past, people gave Eid Cards to one another in order to express their lovely sentiments. But after the entry of mobile phone messages (SMS), its importance has been affected to a great extent. However, some people and of course business community are still sending Eid cards to keep this tradition alive. Mobile Phone messages can save consumption of our time but they can’t express our cordial regards in a true sense to our dear ones. Whether as a man in the street or a businessman, if you feel necessity to revive this almost dead tradition, you can get ideas for card design to design your cards on this big Islamic event to express yourself.

In this post we have gathered a smart and fascinating collection of Eid cards for inspiration of viewers as well as designers. It will also pave the way to revive the previous tradition of Eid cards. Share your own collection if any to become a hook of the chain of this effort. Also give your remarks for our encouragement to present the best in future.

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