Top 10 Energy Website Designs to Inspire You

In the digital age, technology is constantly evolving and this means those attempting to establish their companies will need to adopt new strategies to stay ahead. E-commerce sites are naturally a large part of modern business and the work of a web designer is crucial for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence.

According to statistics, visual appearance is prioritized above all else in the marketing of new products with something as simple as color increasing brand recognition by as much as 80%. The appearance of company web pages is therefore highly influential – so whose example should you follow when developing your own website?

1. Energy Helpline

The subtle interaction of blue and orange color with a plain white background make the site easy to read whilst navigational boxes are logically laid out to ensure it’s easy to use.


2. Carbon Action

A simple column-based layout makes this site easy to navigate. Tabbed browsing at the top of the page enhances the simplicity and there is a subtle interplay of calming olive green and smoke grey colors.

energy websites

3. Conservative Party

While green themes are more typically associated with energy companies or organizations which have the health of the environment at the top of their list of priorities, the success of the color has even translated into politics. The Conservative Party webpage remains primarily blue with green tabs and detailing used to accentuate specific areas.

energy websites

4. Southern Electric

Another cool website design combining blue and green color, Southern Electric keep navigational features conveniently placed on the right-hand side with white lettering standing out clearly against the colored backgrounds.

energy websites

5. Enel Green Power

With a colorful image taking up a large proportion of their homepage, this site takes a bold approach to web design. It’s a risk which pays off, however, with tabbed browsing and rolling news feeds convenient features which make the site easy to use.

energy websites

6. Finavera Wind Energy

Once again, notice the green and blue color scheme of this site, with large tabs for different sections dominating the home page. Seamless roll-over navigational functions ensure the site is easy to use.

energy websites

7. Day Star Technologies

This Californian solar energy firm has made a slight departure from the others listed here in terms of color with light grey, teal and white dominating the site. The layout is overtly basic, giving it a clean and crisp appearance and making it easy to use.

energy websites

8. Amyris

Dominated by a burnt orange background, the homepage takes a striking stance with a collection of images arranged in a grid. The fading pictures used in this pattern are a bold style feature which immediately captivates user attention.

energy websites

9. LS9

A thick header provides all the navigational control you need whilst a slideshow of images dominates the centre of the screen. Content fits seamlessly around these elements to offer users an easy online experience.

energy websites

10. Marine Current Turbines

Also utilizing a slideshow of images to dominate their homepage, this design instantly captivates users’ attention. Written content is kept succinct and black wording is used on a white background to ensure everything is easy to read.

energy websites

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