21 Dreamy Cloud Photography examples

Light, airy, relaxing, heavenly – these are what people usually feel whenever seeing clouds. Though these sometimes symbolize that there’s rain ahead, clouds never fail to make the sky a site to see. This is mainly the reason why a lot of photographers are fascinated in making these as their muse. But great cloud photos don’t come in handy. It takes a lot of hard work and practice to be able to get the perfect shot.

Two things to keep in mind when capturing clouds is to polarize the filter and reduce the shutter speed. These techniques make the clouds appear more defined and less overexposed. Use polarizers when the sun is located on your right or left. It would also be perfect to use these when you have waters in the foreground but if not, using polarizers may be a bad idea. A tripod comes in handy especially when you want to capture the whole horizon. Don’t limit yourself in capturing a few clouds. Opt for maximum appeal by getting a wide shot. A little creativity and patience will also go a long way if you want to have shots of different types of clouds. Certain cloud types give off a variety of emotions to people. For example, if you want to fluffy clouds popularly known as cumulus clouds evokes happiness. On the other hand, dark clouds also known as nimbus clouds arouse a more dramatic feel. Here are some dreamy examples of cloud photography for your inspiration:

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