Cloud Computing – The IT Solution For The 21st Century [Infographic]

Right from their introduction into workplaces, the computers underwent quite an immense transformation. The website technologies have greatly influenced the design, utilization and sometimes even dictated the creation, implementation and the functioning of the software.

Termed as the fifth generation of the computing industry, the cloud computing is in the process of establishing itself as the next biggest leap in the transformation of the usage of computers at the work places.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing in simple words is sharing of computer resources like hardware and software via a browser or a end user application to reduce capital and maintenance costs.

It is offered as a service to the user terminals ensuring security, restricted access and customization in the form of community clouds to serve a particular set of customers.

Some of the time tested benefits of cloud computing for small business include:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Easy deployability and management
  • Better productivity and usability
  • Better cost predictions

The driving factors to implement cloud computing at the work places include:

  • Over 40% slash in IT capital investment
  • Elimination of redundancy and better recovery
  • Better management as it is more flexible and scalable
  • Savings due to lesser operation expenses

The cloud computing is expected to impact the small businesses due to lesser initial capital costs and smart portable devices due to non availability of memory. The cloud computing is available in six forms as of now and is forecasted to grow into further more variants in no time.

cloud computing

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