Why Your Business Requires a Mobile Friendly Website

The trend of websites has begun after the advent of World Wide Web and internet. People have come to know that there is also another source of information through which they can get unlimited knowledge about everything in just a few clicks. Previously websites have viewed on the desktops. People use to browse them on their PCs’ and desktops. But as the technology has flourished, the concept of desktop websites has modified into mobile friendly websites. Today, everyone uses a mobile. Not even the businesspersons, but also a teenager, student, a 7 years old child and even an uneducated sweeper. Mobile has brought drastic changes in the lifestyle and thinking of the people. They become less social and more isolated.

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People would like to spend most of their time with their mobile phones rather to meet with their friends and relatives. In fact, if they want to talk to their friends and colleagues, they also use online social networking forums for that. They become very much dependent on the technology and rely on these communication equipments like cell phones, smart phones, iPads, tablets and other accessories to share their loneliness and to give them entertainment. People now want the websites to be opened on their hand-held devices because they think that they do not have time to sit on the desktops and browse the websites. So, they want a well organized mobile web development system to get feasible access to their desired websites.

Mobile Website Development

The companies’ have designed mobile friendly websites for the convenience and ease of their clients and users. The pattern of mobile website development is completely different from the desktop websites. It is not possible to view the desktop websites on your mobile. If you will try to browse some of the old websites from your hand-held mobiles, you will notice that it can be very frustrating. The outlook of the websites has distorted, text appears in a tiny form, and some of the elements or content of the site may be displaced. Mobile friendly website is a website that has been specially designed and optimized for viewing on mobile devices including PDA, tablets, iPads and smart phones.

The mobile web development system includes some of the basic tactics that are used to craft user friendly websites. Such websites have a specific mobile version, which is entirely different from the desktop having a responsive design. It means that the mobile friendly website adapts the resolution of the mobile screen on which they have been viewed from and must look attractive, equally good and serviceable on the tiny screen of any mobile device. About 20% of the web traffic has been diverted towards the mobile friendly websites in 2012.

You can even observe in your surrounding everyone is just busy with their mobile phones. Companies have paid more attention on the building of mobile websites because they are more demanding than the desktop websites. Apart from the easy accessibility, mobile friendly websites has lots of other advantages too. User-friendly websites immediately engage you in its special mobile-specific features like click-to-call, mapping functions, click-to-ad-here and much more. Users respond to such things instantly as they can easily make calls and talk to their friends a few seconds in no cost.

Likewise, if you are running a local business, you can easily promote your business websites to the large number of people by using the location-area technology. This is a very awesome technique to divert the attention of the people towards your websites as it automatically connects users to your websites when they are in immediate geographic proximity.

Importance of a User Friendly Website

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Mobile websites play a very important role in the marketing and promotion of your business, products and services. You cannot market your business all around the world. It is impossible. But by using the mobile website platform, this thing is becoming possible. The large and corporate business websites who want to increase web traffic can very effectively use these user friendly websites as a promotional source and promote their products and business globally without traveling. Through mobile websites, you can even download anything in just a few seconds from anywhere in the world. As mobile friendly websites give optimal download speed through which you can do more browsing in less time. The online businesses can easily upgrade the optimization of their mobile websites on different search engines like Google, Yahoo which is very beneficial for their business.

Mobile friendly websites encourage the business marketers to become more active as the competition has become very tough. If your website is not eye-catching and appealing and has the ability to stick the users, the users immediately switch on to the websites which are more presentable and striking. So, it is very necessary for all the business marketers to capture the attention of the visitors, so they will not log on to any other site.

The mobile websites play a very effective role in portraying an immediate and very influential effect on the users. It means action is louder than words. Before you have said anything to your clients, your impressive websites will capture their attention and become a positive and contemporary brand identity of your company or organization. Another very important aspect of user friendly websites is that they have the ability to connect with the offline and online media. For example if any of the users has scanned a QR code for its iPhone , he will be taken to the corresponding interactive element of your site like coupon deal, sale page, any contest or any other marketing tactic that will give extra information about your product or service.

This thing will be supportive in building a strong relationship between the users and online business. This technique is considered to be the most successful online marketing method vastly used by a large number of online business and other organization. In short, it can be stated that mobile friendly websites are not only useful for the endorsement of the companies and businesses. But they also a play a very strong role in generating revenue and business for your organization.

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