6 Steps to a Perfect Logo

The basis of corporate identity is a logo or trademark – an original combination of corporate colors, fonts and titles. Logo design can tell a lot about the company itself or its basic services, but the main purpose is – remembered by a potential client! So, approach to its creation should be taken seriously and responsibly.

Here are a few things to consider when creating a business logo:

6 Steps to a Perfect Logo

Hiring a logo designer: However, with the many other tasks a business person has to do, using valuable time to create a logo can be a costly mistake. Such things shouldn’t be left to chance, especially when it comes to the image of your business brand, one should never be afraid to ask for help. An experienced logo designer is the only hope to get the job done perfectly. So, it is important to choose carefully when hiring an individual or firm. Always spend a few time to analyse and examine the logo packages that are being presented to you by various logo providers.

Font selection: Choosing a typeface – the first step towards the creation of the logo. Well-chosen font is the success of the concept. On the Internet a lot of free fonts are available but the problem is, most of them have already been used for many times. So you get the original font that belongs to you and only you. A good combination of typeface and visual elements is the key to help your business stand out in the minds of your customers.

Selecting a color scheme: Color is a most important consideration when designing a logo, use colors that are associated with the type of activity of the organization or topic of interest. There are companies that have spent many years and a lot of money along the way to create a specific image and brand recognition with customers. Whether for an individual, small company or major corporation, color scheme is one of the most significant factors in the overall look and appearance of a logo. In some cases, the designer may have the rights in making color choices to help convey your idea, but many times a color scheme has already been established and needs to be followed.

Flat logo: Your logo should be easily transformed from one size to another, moved from a full-color version in black and white to used in a variety of advertising media. Ask your designer to show you off some flat logos. If you are not yet familiar with the term, flat design is basically design without the drop shadows, gradients, and textures. Using solid colors and typography figures properly into the design can quickly add a unique yet refined look to your logo. So, it can easily be transformed and used for many different purposes.

Things to avoid: Don’t overload your logo with any unnecessary things – only leave what is actually important. overloading your logo would lead you loss your charm. You can draw a few concepts on paper before starting the design process. And once you are clear what you would require to show off, it will save you lots time and leave you with a professional-looking finish.

What words do yo use to describe yourself? In a few words, let your customers know who you are and what you stand for? You can’t expect your audience to know every design element of a business logo, or remember a lengthy tagline. Simpler is better, so make sure any slogans get to the point and don’t overload your visual identity with too many different colours and details.

Hopefully, the above tips will help keep you on the right track toward creating a perfect logo for your business!

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