Benefits of WordPress Cloud Hosting for Small Business

With a considerable number of CMSs coming to the fore in the last decade, it has become extremely easy for small business owners to start their own websites in which they can showcase their products and services and reach out to millions of Internet users worldwide. Over time, WordPress has emerged as a versatile, feature-rich and commercially viable CMS solution which can be tweaked, modified and customized to suit the particular needs of specific businesses. Websites are vibrant entities which need to be carefully maintained, regularly updated and impeccably presented so as to derive maximum mileage. A great way for small businesses to make things easy for themselves when building WordPress based websites is to opt for WordPress Cloud hosting, which brings a number of helpful positives.

What Is WordPress Cloud Hosting?


Building and deploying a website requires consideration for two options – hosting it locally on own server or investing in online hosting spaces. WordPress Cloud hosting is a particular kind of on-line hosting service which is tailor-made to run the WordPress platform. The server environment is specially tuned to derive maximum performance from the WordPress framework, and the Cloud hosting service is overseen by a team of technical experts and WordPress specialists who keep the framework running in a healthy and efficient manner. It makes a lot of sense to invest in WordPress Cloud hosting due to a number of reasons. Some of them are:

Ease of Deployment and Use – The first and foremost advantage of opting for WordPress Cloud hosting is the extreme ease in which a WordPress framework based website can be deployed and initial modifications done. It virtually makes it possible for businesses to start their websites in a matter of days and not months. When you purchase WordPress Cloud hosting services, you get a server environment with WordPress pre-installed along with the particular features and plug-ins that you would need for your website, making it extremely easy to add content and set up initial modifications. This way the site can go live very fast without facing delays due to improper deployment or database setup, time-consuming installation procedures for specific extensions and setting up other essential features.

Technical Support – One great added advantage of opting for WordPress Cloud hosting solutions is the fact that it comes with top-quality technical support. WordPress Cloud hosting servers are run by experts who know all there is to know about setting up a server environment and fine tuning it so as to ensure optimum use of resources by WordPress and fast, efficient operation. Businesses can also avail the services of WordPress specialists who can solve problems, implement additional features and carry out important procedures like customizing the user interface and taking regular backups. The team also ensures that WordPress is upgraded to the latest version that is available at the time so as to take advantage of new features and improved coding. This makes both operation and maintenance much easier to carry out while also being cost-effective.

Safety, Security and Reliability – One of the most common headaches associated with locally hosted websites is issues of safety, security and reliability. Servers often have downtime, user data needs to be kept secure and safe and websites with important information and product details need to be protected from inclusion and outside attack. These features are available right out of the box when you opt for WordPress Cloud hosting. Any problems with the Cloud hosting servers are dealt quickly and efficiently by the resident team of experts, resulting in a little or no downtime. Server health is closely monitored and security measures like firewalls, protection from viruses and Trojans and spam filters are used to achieve airtight security with no loopholes.

Cost-Effectiveness – If you are a small business waiting to make it big in your field of choice, opting for WordPress Cloud hosting is a great way to be cost-effective and yet reap the rewards of a WordPress based website. This way you can free up essential revenue and resources which you can use in other exploits, and invest only as much as you need to fill WordPress Cloud hosting services.

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