The Role of Responsive Web Design in Mobile Strategy

If you have an intension to digitalize your marketing strategies, then the best option is having a mobile-friendly website. These days every one is popped-up with mobile phones in one way or the other.

Responsive web design is one of the latest developments greatly supported by Google. Let’s have a look at some of the extra ordinary facilities you can enjoy with the responsive web designs in your mobile websites.

The Role of Responsive Web Design in Mobile Strategy

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Google Recommended:

What else proof do you want to have knowing that Google itself recommends responsive design. Google has officially recommended responsive web designs for the purpose of mobile configurations various times in its speeches with the marketers. So we can name this to be the industry oriented practice and a best reliable option to survive in the eyes of this search giant.

If you are thinking of why the responsive design websites are being appreciated so much then I can tell you a few of the reasons. Well the most important and prominent reason for it to be appreciated by Google itself is because responsive web designs facilitate Google crawlers in organizing and indexing the website contents because such websites contain only one URL and same HTML. This is a way to increase the ranking of the website. On the other hand, a mobile website with different URLs and HTMLs would make it complicated for the Google crawlers to work and index the website. This would ultimately decrease its ranking.

Easy and convenient content sharing:

From an SEO perspective, websites designed with responsive web designs are more likely to grasp maximum traffic. It is because the articles and contents of such a website would be convenient to share. This would make the interaction of the visitors easy and ultimately the website would succeed in getting high traffic. On the other hand, a website which whose content is not easily shareable is lesser preferred by Google.

Manage conveniently:

If you have separate desktop and mobile websites, then it means you would have to get separate campaigns for each website. Isn’t it a burden on you? I think it is because managing so many websites and getting separate campaigns for them is something which would double your workload, and still chances would be there for you to not get required outcomes. But by having a responsive website, you would not have to think of separate campaigns as the single URL facility would make your work easier and ranking better.

Not only this but also due to mobile-specific strategy equipped with responsive designs, you can optimize your website for keywords even when the site is being searched on a mobile device.

Concluding the whole, I would like to say that responsive web designs are a good option for your strong mobile strategy, because they not only provide you a lot of facilities but also are greatly recommended by Google crawlers. How wonderful if you website can be accessed on any mobile device with any screen size. This would definitely make your strategy stronger and provide the visitors with a great user-friendly experience to you’re your site.

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