33 Parallax Scrolling Dark Website Examples

Parallax scrolling has long been used in video games, but now it is one of the most popular trends of web design. A common understanding of the term comes from the Greek Parallaxis, which means change. And this is what we get – web parallax, changing items on the screen with a click or mouse scroll.

Parallax Scrolling

Like every design technique parallax scrolling has its own benefits. The most common fact is – it’s a great way to attract the users and keep them on your site. Make sure your website creates the right first impression. Because using the parallax effect perfectly a user can do a quick visual sweep to see if they are in the right place.

Below you can find some of the best examples to get a clear understanding of this topic. I am sure you will enjoy!

Nouvelle octavia

website scrol

Hot dot

one page web design


webdesign inspiration

Host ikyan


Next riot


Loren tzsa karias

black web design

Mind works

parallax scroll

Tm design

single page web design


single page website

Nasa prospect

single page web designs

Tokio lab

black website design

Diazil film


Arc design lab

single page website

Sony classics


Jan ploch

parallax website design

Me valentin and you

parallax scrolling

Discover shadow

parallax scrolling

Flandria type


Evan shalshaw

scrolling websites

Graphic novel


Ascension latorre

black web design


parallax webdesign


web design inspiration

Mr mob

website examples

Kite run game

parallax scrolling

The blazar project

black website designs

Apeman boards

black website design inspiration


scrolling websites

Jess and russ

website inspiration

Best care

website scrolling

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