Things That Can Keep You on The Mood When Designing

If you are working in the fields of web or graphic designing, then you may at times find your attention wandering. As you carry out your tasks day in and day out, your mood may begin to deaden – leading to an adverse effect on your work. Good graphic design needs more than just concentrating, it needs inspiration – above all, the designer should be in the right mood for the job. Because of this, it is vital that you find a way to keep yourself focused, to keep your spirits up and to make sure that you are enthusiastic about your work.


Image via Flickr by Pete

Exactly how this should be done will vary from individual to individual. Some designers find that keeping a conversation on with a friend while they work helps to keep them going, while many others would find it a distraction.


Image via Flickr by Philipp Martin

One thing which a good number of designers swear by is listening to music in the background. Whether they play a song on the same computer where they work or prefer to use a separate gadget for playing music and videos like the iPod Touch. Many designers find that listening to music keeps them active and – if their music of choice matches the tone of the project – really does help to get them into the swing of things. It is also a perfectly simple solution, as playing a song on an iPod Touch takes no effort at all; it takes even less effort to open up a web browser, head over to YouTube and load the music video of your choice to play in the background.

As with any element of the design process, much of this boils down to personal experience. Try things out, and discover for yourself what works best for you – hopefully this article will have given you some ideas to try out the next time you sit down for a design job.

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