Online Casino Color Palettes and Their Function


Designing a website is hard, even if it is just a small page for a mid-sized company. Now imagine you’d have to create site featuring hundreds and hundreds of interactive features with a lot of fixed characteristics that need to be individually designed and branded. One of the most important things when it comes to branding a website is the choice of colors. Designers of certain niches face quite unique challenges when it comes to choosing the right colors. We are going to take a look at the design of online casinos, how the color palette is chosen and what difficulties one might encounter when facing the online gambling world.

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A Short Color History of Online Casinos


Intern gambling sites are almost as old as the Internet itself. The first ones appeared in 1994 and looked nothing like the sites we can find on the web today. Not only were graphics limited (there were mostly 256 color graphics back in the day), the games and features were quite crude to be honest. The color palettes were pretty limited. Mostly the few sites in existence were green and red, mostly inspired by real-world gambling tables and casinos. There was a brief and very unfortunate phase in the late 1990s and early 2000s where better graphics and more colors were available and most designers seemed to think that more is better. The results were flashy, loud sites with blinking graphics and lots and lots of contrast colors – even neon shades were quite common. Luckily, these seizure-inducing color palettes were gone pretty quickly and made space for the designs of today – most comforting colors with a mellow and suave tone.

The Color of Games – A short analysis


Let us take a closer at the modern online casino color schemes, As said above, most of then go for a smooth look that’s easy on the eyes (although some of the flashy ones are still around, so beware!). Most casinos opt for a tone in tone blend of more red, green or blue colors or are simple, elegant combination like black and gold or red and silver. A good example is the CasinoTropez, a Playtech brand with its mellow green backgrounds and gold-colored logo.

casino color palettes

These colors are not only easy on the eyes and suitable for long-term exposure (the casinos want the players to stay on their site without getting headaches), but they are also compatible with the image most people have of casinos with their luxurious interiors and expensive hotels. It is quite important that players recognize their games when presented in the colors of the casino. Most gambling felts are green or red (in some cases dark blue), so it would be hard to create a roulette table with a yellow or pin tableau.

casino color palletes

The real-life examples dictate what colors are suitable for online casino games. This presents the challenge to create a palette that makes the game unique and the brand memorable, but leaves the images of real-life games intact.

What Mobile Technology Changed

In the last years, with the rise of smart phones and tablet computers, there is a change in colors again. Many games nowadays have clear contrast-colors and very few shades. This is easily explained: the games need to be legible and playable on a small phone screens.


As you can see, the colors of an online casino are not so much freely picked, but a blend of technological necessities and compositions of real-life casino games. It is an art to fit a unique brand identity into this narrow gap.

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