Unique Telephones for Your Home

Even though mobile devices are commonly used these days, it does not mean that home-based landline phones are completely obsolete. Thanks to several upgrades in technology and design, these old-school devices became a must-have for any household. In fact, they became more of a fashion statement.
In addition, a lot of people prefer to use unique telephones over smartphones because it still has certain benefits. If you have older people living in your home, these retro devices provide ease of communication to them. A telephone also prevents you from missing important calls. If you have several landline phones scattered across your home, you do not have to dig through the cushions before answering an extremely important call. Lastly, it is also easier for emergency hotlines to identify your location if you call them using a corded handset rather than a smartphone. If you are thinking about purchasing a telephone, here is a short list of the cool and trendy devices that will add style to your home.

1. Wild and Wolf Scandiphone


The Scandiphone is a device that was based on the upright models that were popular in Europe during the 1950s. It has a small and light build, making it easier for kids to use it during important emergencies.

2. Eclipse

unique telephones

This handset has a unique style that makes it an ideal accessory for a modern home. The device and its base connect together to create a circular shape. This phone features a handy magnetic connection. You can easily pick it up and then replace it whenever you want. But aside from having a unique build, it also has great features. It can produce high quality audio, and it comes with a speaker phone and an answering machine.

3. Gigaset

Modern Cordless Phone

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t understand what the person at the end of the receiver is saying due to bad audio? Well, you can say goodbye to those irritating moments thanks to the Gigaset. This device features crystal-clear audio.  In addition, it also has a cordless design so you can bring it anywhere on the house. It comes with a spacious phonebook and caller ID capabilities.

4. Sagemcom Sixty Digital Cordless Phone

unique telephones

This stylish handset is a modern version of the classic handset. It is available in a sleek black or cherry red color. It comes with a built-in answer phone and a speaker. That way, you can easily make conversations even when you are cooking or cleaning the house. it has a ten hour talk time and a large storage space that can save up to 150 contacts.
If you know other trendy landline phones, feel free to post them in the comments section!

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