Tips for Customizing Your Living Space

Tips for customizing living space

Designing your living space, whether it be a city apartment, country house or beachfront property, is the perfect way reflect your personality. A unique space cannot be simply created overnight, instead, they require time to think, plan and experiment until your ultimate dream home has been created. Making the space your own also means that going to the local furniture shop and picking out everything in the display will not do. Instead, to truly reflect your personality the key is to integrate deeply personal elements into your home that will establish a finished product that is yours and yours alone.

Tips for customizing living space

What is your personal style?

The first step is to decide what your personal style is. Do you enjoy more classic, vintage, contemporary or modern designs? Having a good idea of what type of items you need to complete your space will help to maintain focus. It’s also possible to mix your styles too! An eclectic mix of vintage and modern can definitely produce super cool results. Also, each room doesn’t have to be the same exact style. Instead, work room to room, seeing what you like best in the space. This way, if you decorate the living room in one style and decide it’s just not what you intended, you can save money and time by decorating the bedroom differently.

Finding the right color scheme

Deciding on a color scheme can also help to keep a good focus. If you aren’t sure of what works best for you, consult these online tools to find great colour palettes.

What about the furniture?

Tips for Customizing Your Living Space

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Once you’ve decided on your basic style, it’s a good idea to begin looking for the foundation of your space, which would be the furniture of course. There are a few directions to go with your furniture. The first option would be to purchase “statement pieces” such as a really unique sofa from a cool shop. With this, you are investing in a piece that you will love for years to come. With this option, however, prices can quickly add up as furniture will probably be your biggest expense. You also have to be careful that the pieces don’t fight each other in terms of style and aesthetics.

Another direction which may be less expensive is to look for generic, basic furniture options. If you are someone who may look to change furniture often, companies such as Ikea could be a good choice because they offer a few different style in terms of the build, but also offer many different, typically changeable, options for things such as couch covers. When you do choose more basic furniture options, this gives more leeway both from a design and financial standpoint to accessorize. This option will tend to be less expensive and you can easily move around smaller decorations as you see fit.

Decorate with unique accessories


Finding accessories to complete the space can be a really enjoyable activity. You can search through local vintage and thrift shops for small sculptures, paintings, etc. A really unique way to customize your space, however, would be to showcase art that you love. This could come from local artists, such as local flea markets or craft fairs, or perhaps you could showcase some of your own works. Kudos to you if you are an artist already, but if you’re not there is still many ways to personalize your space. Photography is a simple way to showcase you, your family, friends and experiences. With the help of printing services like you can also easily print your photos online in various sizes so everything will be perfect down to the last detail.

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