A Successful Web Design Do’s and Don’ts

successful web design

A website is an important business tool for establishing your business identity. So, if you are planning to do it on your own, here are some do’s and don’ts for a successful web design.

Websites are an important business tool because it helps in establishing your business identity. So, opt for a professional who can design your website. However, if you are planning to do it on your own, here are some do’s and don’ts for a successful web design.

A Successful Web Design

successful web design


1. Secure: Make sure that you invest in creating a secure site for your business. This is extremely important for e-commerce websites.

2. Content: Too much content will overwhelm your prospects. So, try to limit your content. Let me tell you that one relevant, interesting post is better and ten irrelevant or not-so-interesting posts. With your content, make sure that you aim for at least 250 words per page. Also, include keywords to make your content easily searchable on search engines.

Apart from text, include images, videos, and infographics too. This is good because it is interesting and attractive.

3. Contact Us: Your ‘Contact us’ or ‘Connect with us’ link should be easily visible for your prospects. Along with regular contact options, add social links and buttons too.

4. Fonts and colors: Use fonts that are easy to read and simple colors. Enhance the readers’ visibility and let them have an enjoyable experience.

5. User-Friendly: Create a website that is mobile and tablet friendly too. Let your visitors navigate through your website with ease.

6. Title: Title is one of the core attribute of a webpage and people do pay attention to it. So, be sure that titles on your webpage make sense.


1. Making it live without testing: Testing is important. Don’t even think of making it live without testing it some times. Again, you have to test on your PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets to be sure that your website is user-friendly and looks good on every platform. Apart from devices, you should check your website’s performance across several internet browsers too.

2. Blinking or flashing text: We see such text on various websites. But let me tell you that it is not the best thing we have on earth. In fact, it is annoying and can ruin your site’s traffic. So, do not opt for flashing or blinking text.

3. Page counters: When someone creates a new blog or a new site, they love to add page counters and other such options to their site. However, let me tell you that it makes your site amateur. So, don’t add page counter to your site.

4. Don’t force viewers: Don’t force viewers to download plug-ins or to sign-up to view your post or know more about your product or service. Keep it optional so that they are not annoyed by the strategies.

These simple do’s and don’ts should help you make a good website. However, if you want to know more about it, look for books and periodicals that can give you adequate knowledge about it. You can buy them at Sears.com. Sears.com offers a wide variety to choose from. So, you should get almost every book written on the topic on the store. The online store even offers discounts on various products. For additional discounts, you should look for coupons. 15% Coupons for Sears.com are available online.

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    This is a very good article and it give alot of basic understanding on things that you need to do when designing and building a website. But I think you left off one very important factor when building a website…..and that is SEO. You can build the greatest designed website in the world…but if no one can find it, then all that you work you did is for nothing. Content is king when it comes to SEO and you need to make sure that this is an important factor when you start planning out your website. I have seen too many interns that come into my office and I ask them what the most important thing is when it comes to SEO and I just get a deer in the headlights look. These days web designers are leaving this important part out of what they are taught and learn….and if you want to make yourself important to a company…you need to learn SEO!!!!!

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