The Top 5 Most Profound AngularJS Tutorial


A list of some noteworthy Angularjs tutorial that are simple and make it easier for one to learn the web development with the awesome AngularJS framework…

Today, several JavaScript frameworks are available out there that allow one to efficiently develop remarkable web solutions. However, among the available options, AngularJS makes a fabulous choice.

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AngularJS – A Foreword

AngularJS is a popular JavaScript framework that augments the development of dynamic and powerful web applications. It can ideally support any kind of web app from a simple app to a highly complicated app. The framework basically lets one stretch the HTML vocabulary to support dynamic applications, which are otherwise arduous to accomplish with HTML. It, thus, helps develop an intuitive and worthwhile environment to heighten the agile development of apps with dynamic views.

AngularJS is highly extensible and thus, you can make it efficiently cater to your project needs, and work seamlessly with other libraries.

There are five pillars that strengthen the AngularJS. It includes:

  • Directives – They enable one to create his own HTML elements defined with custom functionality.
  • Controllers – With the virtue of controllers, we can easily maintain our project. It helps organize a defined functionality within the modules of code (a cluster of HTML tags).
  • Scopes – AngularJS facilitates seamless communication between the components (between JavaScript and HTML) via scopes.
  • Services – Code can be easily shared across various controllers by implementing services. The services are singleton objects that are capable of performing common tasks of various sections of the system.
  • Dependency Injection – Alike ‘import‘ in Java, and ‘require‘ in Ruby and node.js, dependency injection exhibits how certain sections of the code gets its dependencies.

By understanding these five terms thoroughly, you can easily develop a prolific web application with AngularJS. Although it comes complete with an official document, some might need a few additional resources to have an edge over AngularJS.

In this post, I have compiled a list of some noteworthy tutorials that are straightforward and make it easier for one to learn the web development with the awesome AngularJS framework.

Let’s distill the list of resourceful AngularJS Tutorials:

angular tutorial

Offering a fabulous way to learn AngularJS, Thinkster has scrutinized the entire Angular into 12 sub topics. Its each section includes a brief explanation of the topic and features a checklist of resources to help you delve deep into the topic. It includes resources from other reliable websites, including the authentic documentation. Moreover, it also comprises a course guide to develop trendy web applications.

learn angularjs

Egghead is an ultimate website to start learning AngularJS. It offers useful video tutorials to help you precisely understand the basics and start developing web apps instantly. It contains a list of video lessons, you can choose a desired topic and have an insight into it. Understanding the issues related to bulky videos, all the video lessons that are featured on this website are not larger than 10 minutes. The code used, discussions, and the summary of each video is displayed below the corresponding videos.


angularjs tutorials

Specifically designed to make AngularJS learning fast and effective, W3Schools offers a comprehensive Angular tutorial. This resource focuses on a variety of topics from a simple to complex. After thoroughly going through the guidelines and examples included in this guide, you can easily get started with AngularJS development and rapidly develop your first AngularJS web app.

angularjs web app

AngularJS Tutorial by Jenkov

AngularJS Tutorial by Jenkov is an invaluable guidebook that unleashes all the key considerations essential for developing a dynamic web app with Angular. It includes legible examples that are easy to understand. Whether you want to develop an app from scratch or want to ponder into a specific feature of this amazing framework, this resource makes a great choice. You can explore a desired topic by choosing an appropriate option from the choices available in the left column.

AngularJS Tutorial on Code Academy


Code Academy is probably one of the best resources that offer incredible guide books to get started with app development. It also includes a remarkable tutorial on AngularJS that embraces editable video to analyze the output of the code. Thereby, making programming fun. It features an intuitive interface where you can efficiently read the basics, observe its code implementation, and the output screen simultaneously on your screen. You can even choose a desirable AngularJS topic from a drop down button placed on the left block, and learn about the requisite topic.

Wrapping Up

There are numerous AngularJS tutorials available on the Internet, these are a few of the best among them. You can proficiently learn web app development via AngularJS framework from these resources, and build an outstanding application with a flair.

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