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When it comes to selecting the best design resources, it is always recommended to opt for the one that is easy to work with and can be used over and over again. Such web resources ensure reusability and enhance your work efficiency. And that is the very reason why developers often opt for pre-developed web templates.

DealFuel is one such place where you can get your hands on tons of different web design resources. These resources are properly categorized according to their usage and can be used and reused in different projects. So read on and find out in detail what these design resources have in store for you.

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Free Design Resources:

Best free design resources that can be used over and over again!

1. Free ribbon objects

Since time immemorial, ribbons have been used for decorating items, and are closely associated with gifts and presents. Using these different ribbon objects you can enhance the overall appeal of your website leaps and bounds and also add a vintage feel to it. These different ribbon objects can be used as website headers, as design elements and even to highlight some important features in your website.

free design resources

Download here

2. Free geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are used around the globe on different products and commodities. While on a website they can be used as headers, in posters or as website background. In the real world they can be printed on flyers, posters and even used as mug shots. Using this design resource, you can use 10 different geometric patterns on different commodities of your choice. You can instantly download these patterns and use on your personal and professional projects for free.


Download here

3. Touch screen gestures

Touch screen gadgets comprise over 80% of smart devices. Hence the use of touch screen gestures has become even more prevalent. As these gestures are used often, you need to make sure that you audience responds properly to gesture controlled interactions. Thus you can guide them by providing them a short preview using these cool gesture icons. These icons are self-explanatory and can be incorporated in your website’s UI or as part of a guideline or even in slides.

free web design resources

Download here

4. Flat UI kit

While designing the user interface of your website, you need to take care of numerous intricate details like, shape and size of the icons and how various web-templates and elements need to be integrated in your website. Targeting all these different entities separately wouldn’t not only take up a lot of time but also increase the overall complexity of the project. So the best solution is to use a robust UI kit. This UI kit caters to all your different web design needs and also aids you in general web development tasks and practices. The kit can be instantly downloaded and used on personal as well as commercial projects.


Download here

5. One page web template

One page websites are the current rage. One page websites look amazing as well enhances the usability of our website leaps and bounds. It brings forth a fluid design and is best for creating your blog or professional portfolio. This one page website template comes with multi-user license and can be used over and over again for personal as well as commercial projects. The template is compatible with all major web browsers and supports HTML, jQuery & CSS.


Download here

6. Elegant UI kit

UI kits are widely used by bloggers and while constructing personal portfolio. It provides you a palette of different web elements and gives you the complete freedom to tweak some of the properties to give a unique personal touch to it. This Elegant UI kit consists of a variety of different forms & filters, sliders, footers & fillers. You can instantly download the PSD and implement them on your existing project. It has a simple yet suave look & feel to it and enhances the overall user experience.


Download here

7. Free invoice template

Invoice templates are extremely useful to track a person’s task and also to commit payments. There are a number of different invoice templates doing the round in the market, but almost all of them are document based, thus restricting the amount of freedom provided to the editor and also affects consistency of layout on different devices. By using HTML based invoice template you can bring about homogeneous layout in your invoices and also implement cool mathematical functions in the template itself. These invoice templates can be accessed in all major web browsers and are very easy to modify and use as well.


Download here

8. Atolo coming soon template

You are almost ready to launch your site but you want people to know about your site before-hand. That’s a tricky task to do. But with a coming soon page, that task becomes a piece of cake. Also, when your site is down for maintenance and you know the time it is going to take, that’s when such countdown page comes to rescue. But using a static and monotonous message robs the audience from getting such insight. By using Atolo’s coming soon template, you can ensure all that in an elegant manner. The coming soon template is completely customizable and can be readily used in your current website.


Download here

9. Free icons set

Icons are widely used in websites and native applications to denote certain functionality and enhance the usability of the software product. So, we designers are always on the look-out for smart, savvy & cool icons. This resource consists of a range of different flat icons that have a retro feel to it and represents a wide range of purposes. These icons can be instantly downloaded and used on any of your personal or commercial projects.


Download here

10. Vector badges

These vector badges are most apt for e-commerce and auction websites that deal with selling products to their audiences. Using these vector icons you can seamlessly denote the originality, authenticity, fragility and other major characteristics of various products. These badges enhance the overall look of your web-page and also aids in reducing content. They can be instantly downloaded for free and used according to your will.


Download here

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