A Newbie’s Guide To Designing An Appointment Management Platform

Appointment Management

Some people might consider the thought of building an appointment management platform ambitious. Others may state that there are plenty of existing systems already on the market. But, there might be times where a more bespoke system needs to get developed from scratch.

The beauty of Web apps is they can get run in any browser, from any computer. Many existing solutions are desktop-based. That means they can only get run from a particular computer system. Web apps are practical because they can even get run on a mobile device like a smartphone.

Appointment Management

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It’s not a huge task to create a new appointment management platform from scratch! There are plenty of ways to make designing Web apps a cinch. Here are a few pointers to help you get started:

Make the user interface simple

The first thing you need to do is offer a simple UI to your users. The last thing you want to do is complicate the layout and style of your platform. There are many UI kits that you can incorporate with your appointment booking system. Be sure to use one of them!

One place to seek inspiration is from your smartphone. Notice how the UI is sleek and options get grouped together? You need to apply the same concept to your Web app.

Do a proper outline of how your system will fit together

It’s one thing to start designing your appointment scheduling platform. But, it’s another to know what it is you are designing! Before you do anything, make sure you have an outline of how everything will work.

That means planning the features that will go into your app. For example, will you offer two-stage authentication? And, if so, will it hook into an SMS gateway? Or will you use some other method?

appointment management platform

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As you can appreciate, a lot of planning needs to go into designing a successful Web app. As with most things in life, preparation is the key!

Don’t go it alone

When working on such a project, you need to design it with other people. Other designers can help you achieve the right look for your app. Developers can provide the code necessary for the system to function. And beta users can test your Web app and make sure any bugs get ironed out.

Don’t make the mistake of doing everything by yourself. A new appointment booking system needs to be a team effort.

Create a responsive design

As you are building a Web app, you need to consider one important point. Your app users may well access the software from a mobile device. It’s crucial that you use a responsive design so that it adapts well to mobile and tablet screens.

If you plan to market your app to other people, responsive design is also a key selling point.


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Show users the way home

Last, but not least, you need to add some kind of “breadcrumb” trail to your Web app. If your users are deep within a section or category, how can they return to the previous categories?

You can make your breadcrumb trail in two ways. First, you could have a text link system at the top of the page. Second, you can just highlight the category menu option with a different colour.

I hope this article has been of use to you today. Thanks for reading it!

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