Inspirational Ideas For Your Master Bedroom Suite


A good master bedroom should be a stylish characterization of your own personality. It should represent your partnership with the person you share it with. But it should also be functional. After all, you both spend at least eight hours a night in there. You want to wake up feeling refreshed and energized. You want to be able to jump up out of bed and enjoy a good morning shower in your beautiful ensuite master bathroom.

To redesign a master bedroom suite, it’s important to determine your lifestyle requirements. Do you work shifts? Do you prefer to go to bed late or get up early? Do your pets share the room with you, or do you need to be able to see if the kids get up? There are lots of considerations about design before you start to think about style.


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In the bathroom, you may need Jack and Jill sinks so you can both get ready side by side in the morning. Alternatively, you may need extra sound insulation, so you don’t disturb your sleeping spouse! Lit mirrors are a great idea until that light falls on your sleeping partner. Directing the light and the mirror away from the bed is a good idea if you both keep different hours.

The shower enclosure in your bathroom will need to be functional as well as good-looking. Look for quality shower fittings that match your decor requirements. If you choose good quality, they will last longer and require less hassle and maintenance. Your faucets should also be stylish but functional. If the children come into you for the bathroom, you might want to consider push button timer faucets to save water and prevent floods!

Extra storage from fitted units here can look very elegant and stylish. They help promote a minimalist feel to your bathroom. Storage removes clutter to keep things in their place and the bathroom tidy and functional. It keeps your things private from view as well.

Touch lighting at the bedside is very handy when you have children. If they get up in the night, it can be tricky to fumble about for a switch. If you leave your door open in the night, then a night light in the hallway could throw too much light into your room. Simply changing what side the door opens to can be helpful here.

Once you have arranged the bedroom furniture layout, it’s important to make the room stylish, yet calming. Softer colors can be more relaxing to help promote good sleep. Darker colors can help diminish the brightness of the room. Blackout blinds are a good idea, and a stylish pair of drapes can hide them easily. A soft rug each side of the bed feels luxurious under bare feet. This can be color coordinated to match the soft furnishings.

Try to avoid vivid colors or wild patterns in the bedroom. Your TV or other electronic devices can also hinder sleep, so consider their use at bedtime carefully. A well laid out room decorated with calm and relaxation in mind can promote restful sleep. After all, that’s the primary purpose of a bedroom after all!

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