Creative Advice for Decorating a Den


Many families have a living room or lounge where they like to spend time together. However, some choose to have a den as well, or even perhaps instead of a living room. A den can be a bit less formal, and maybe somewhere where you wouldn’t take guests. You can hide away in there and have some quiet time. Maybe you would choose not to have any music or TV in the room. Basements and attics can be converted into fantastic dens that are cozy and comfortable. Let some of the following ideas inspire you to decorating a den to be a fun place for the whole family.

Add a Sofa Bed

Dens are great rooms to double up as a spare bedroom. It can be difficult to find comfortable places to put guests, especially when they’re unexpected. But with a comfortable sofa bed, it’s easy to convert the room into a guest room whenever you want. Sofa beds don’t have to be casual and cheap, though. You can find lots of stylish options from Multiyork and other furniture stores with smart ranges. One sofa might not be enough for everyone, so add in some comfortable armchairs or perhaps even some bean bags too. If you’re going to use the den as a guest room, it might also be a good idea to include some clothes storage.

Cozy Textiles

Dens should be cozy and comfortable so that everyone can curl up on the sofa and relax. Adding in some accessories to make the room comfy will help to give you a more family-friendly place to be in. You could put in lots of cushions for people to use on the sofa and chairs, and even on the floor. Put blankets or throws over the furniture too. Then anyone can wrap themselves up when they’re reading a book or watching TV.


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What do you want your den to be used for? Some families might not want to have any television or music and decide to use it as a library. Others might want it to be somewhere they can sit with a drink while they listen to music or watch TV. You might even want it to be somewhere the kids can play video games, or perhaps a place to practice musical instruments. Decide what sort of entertainment you want to have in the room, if any at all.

Lighting Levels

You need to choose how you want your den to be lighted too. If it’s tucked away in the basement with a TV or projector, you might want low lights for watching movies. Perhaps you wish to have some lovely natural light streaming through the windows. Soft lighting is often better if you want to have a relaxing and comfortable room. However, everyone still needs to be able to see, especially if you wish to use the room for reading.

A comfortable den could be just hours away with a quick makeover. It will be a great place to spend time as a family or as individuals.

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